Samsung Display showcases foldable phone screen designs – fr

Samsung Display showcases foldable phone screen designs – fr

There was no shortage of manufacturers’ roll-up screen demonstrations this year, and now Samsung Display is the latest company to showcase new folding and sliding screen concepts. SamMobile spotted the concepts presented as part of a virtual Display Week exhibition (if you forgot to send your Happy Display Week cards, there is still time since Friday), including a “foldable” mobile screen and a large 17-inch foldable screen.

The company is calling its first S-foldable concept, with a two-way design that opens up to a maximum screen size of 7.2 inches. It’s similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 except, well, plus a fold. There’s also a sliding mobile screen similar to the hapless rollable concept LG introduced earlier this year before leaving the smartphone space altogether.

Samsung Display also showcases two concepts for larger panels, including a 17-inch foldable OLED which is the size of a tablet when folded and can function as a monitor when unfolded. Finally, there is a more traditional laptop screen; it doesn’t bend or bend, but it does include an under-screen camera – hope it’s better than the last one we used.

Samsung Display is a division of Samsung Electronics and produces OLED panels for use by Samsung and other manufacturers of consumer technology. So while these concepts may be found in future Samsung products, it is certainly not guaranteed. The company as a whole has not shied away from embracing foldable technology and quickly entering the foldable device market. He may have more company soon; display OEM TCL has shown its own concepts and says it will bring one to the market this year. Until then, we’ll be looking at and filling out our concept foldable bingo cards.


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