Sadiq Khan set to be re-elected mayor after opening 25,000 vote lead over Shaun Bailey – fr

Sadiq Khan set to be re-elected mayor after opening 25,000 vote lead over Shaun Bailey – fr

Sadiq Khan was on track to be re-elected mayor of London on Friday evening after opening a lead of nearly 25,000 over Shaun Bailey.

But the competition turned out to be much tighter than expected, with the oft-maligned Conservative candidate performing well, especially in the suburbs.

At 9:30 p.m. on Friday, seven of Town Hall’s 14 constituencies had declared themselves, with Mr Khan receiving 487,104 first preference votes against 462,837 for Mr Bailey.
This is an advance of 24,267 for the incumbent Labor Party, with counting set to resume at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

Shaun Bailey and his wife Ellie: stormed the Tory suburbs
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A final result is expected on Saturday evening, although there remains a possibility that the winner will not be declared until Sunday morning if the tally continues to be delayed by covid precautions.
The seven constituencies that declared themselves on Saturday are likely to be more favorable to Mr Khan, as five of them returned a Labor majority in the 2016 London Mayoral and Assembly elections.
It is also almost certain that second preference votes will come into play, as neither Mr Khan nor Mr Bailey appear likely to get 50% of the vote on the first preferences alone, despite pollsters’ predictions at the start of the campaign. according to which Mr. Khan was defined. for a landslide.
It is also likely to favor Mr Khan, with many Green and Lib Democrat voters likely to have given him their second preferential vote.
Tonight’s early results plunged social media into collapse as it suggested Mr Bailey might have a chance at arguably the most dramatic result seen since the post was created in 2000.
The results of the first four constituencies give him 5,307 votes ahead of Mr. Khan.
Mr Bailey secured a 56,280 vote lead in the conservative suburb strongholds of Bexley and Bromley, with a vote of 100,630 to 44,350 for Mr Khan.


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