Sadiq Khan calls for Covid vaccine outbreaks in London with Indian variant – fr

Sadiq Khan calls for Covid vaccine outbreaks in London with Indian variant – fr

“I have asked ministers to give us the flexibility to give young people the vaccine in parts of London where we are concerned about this strain,” the mayor of London told Sky News on Monday.

“We say we are nimble in pockets where we know there is a problem, use these vaccines sensibly.

“We know which parts of our city are of concern. In these districts in particular, we should take a hyper-local approach and encourage the youngest, and who should wait a few weeks, to get vaccinated now to prevent this strain from spreading.
Mr Khan urged people to test regularly and told the program that “the virus is not rigid and does not follow rigid rules and we have to be nimble in our response.”
When asked if he has the power to enforce this himself, he said no: ‘It’s the NHS administering the vaccine, they have to follow the advice. “
Sky News
Over the weekend, residents of Bolton were told “anyone” could get the vaccine as the region battles the spread of the Indian variant.
Adam Finn, a member of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), which decides who should get the vaccines first, told Sky News that supply was the problem.
“The slight problem [with variant hotspots vaccinating the young] it’s that you give doses of vaccines to these people and you take them away from others, ”he said.
“The vaccine supply is the problem. There is no shortage of people wishing to be vaccinated. The JCVI must therefore think in national terms. “
Asked about Sadiq Khan’s claims that they should be ‘nimble’ with the deployment of the jab, he said: ‘The two issues with this are that we don’t know to what extent vaccines will interrupt transmission and after a first dose, you need two or three. at least a few weeks before this protection takes effect.
“For both of these reasons, we need to think strategically.”
Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Friday that people over the age of 50 and clinically vulnerable people will have their second doses of a Covid vaccine sped up.
Mr Johnson has warned that the variant could cause a “serious disruption” to plans to ease the lockdown and could delay the scheduled end of all legal restrictions on June 21.
Data from Public Health England shows an increase in cases of the worrying Indian variant from 520 to 1,313 this week in the UK.
As lockdown restrictions eased on Monday, Mr Khan urged people to take advantage and help businesses: “Our cool bars, restaurants, cultural attractions, hospitality venues have worked very hard to make it happen. ensure their places are Covid-safe.
“But I think Londoners and locals across the country are eager to get away safely.”
“We encourage people who may be discouraged that they cannot go on an international vacation, don’t worry – it’s all in London.
“This is probably the only spring and summer where you are not competing with international tourists, so you can get to the best museums and galleries in the world without having to queue or you can get a reservation in there. ‘one of our best restaurants. “
He told the program: “It’s important, of course, that we have a good time, that we stay safe, but also that we protect jobs.
“The reality is that one in five Londoners work in hospitality or culture, so you can have a safe and good time and support UK businesses.”


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