Ryan Reynolds shares message about his battle with anxiety –

Ryan Reynolds shares message about his battle with anxiety – fr

The Vancouver actor said “we don’t talk enough about mental health and don’t do enough to de-stigmatize talk about it”

Ryan Reynolds shares his support for Mental Health Awareness Month with a personal message about his struggles with anxiety.

The popular Vancouver-born actor shared a social media post Wednesday morning (May 26) that describes how anxiety has affected his life.

“One of the reasons I’m posting this so late is because I’m pushing myself and important things are slipping,” he wrote. “And one of the reasons I push myself over my schedule is my lifelong buddy, anxiety. “

Reynolds added that he knew he “was not alone” and that a lot of people “overstepped, overthought, overworked, overly worried and most of all.”

People are responding to Reynolds’ heartfelt message

Many people commented on Reynolds’ social media post, with many sharing their own personal stories.

Matt Casey tweeted a picture of a great Reynolds /Dead Pool tattoo he has on his arm. He wrote: “Ryan Reynolds, I just want you to know you saved my life in 2009. I was struggling with suicide and mental health issues. Thanks to a comic book from Deadpool and Blade: Trinity, I got over it all and I’m still alive today. I even got this tattoo in 2012 as a reminder. Thanks Ryan! “

Australian actor Hugh Jackman – a close friend of Reynolds – commented, “Mate – your honesty is not only courageous, but I’m sure it will help countless other people struggling with anxiety. Yours truly! “

Countless other people have noted that his words are important and will help many people who are suffering and feeling lonely.


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