Ruben Dias identifies when he knew Man City would reach Champions League final –

Ruben Dias identifies when he knew Man City would reach Champions League final – fr

When Ruben Dias walked into the locker room at Parc des Princes after Manchester City’s victory, he didn’t expect to see the reaction from his teammates he saw.
City had been poor in the first half of the Champions League semi-final first leg, falling behind an avoidable Marquinhos header in a corner, but turned the tide to win 2-1 thanks to a cross from Kevin De Bruyne who did it all. the way, before Riyad Mahrez’s well-hit free kick through the wall.

There was a hint of fortune about the win, but City had been better in the second half and had made their own luck. Even with half the tie still to go, Dias admits he expected a cheerful full-time locker room, but says what he saw instead made him believe this team was ready to reach the final.

Asked to identify the most important moment of the race to the final, Dias said the second leg against PSG was essential, but the conviction to win this game started right after the end of the first leg.

He said: “I will choose the semi-final with PSG here at home. Where the whistle blew at the end, because you knew you were one step away from reaching the end goal.

“We were playing against one of the toughest opponents in the world: special players, a special team. And to be able to beat them, that says a lot about us and, at the same time, it says we’re ready to take. on the final.

“I could choose a lot of moments, but recently one of the moments that got me snapped was when we were 1-0 at half-time in Paris, and in the second half we reversed the trend and we won 2-1. And then we went to the locker room and you saw everyone happy, but you didn’t see anyone [who was] too happy, you know?

“You saw everyone focused and [aware] that there is another game to play and I think that day we won the second leg because everyone knew what was going to happen, knew who we were playing against and how good they were, and how easily they could overthrow it if we weren’t ready.

“And I think this moment, when we [went into] in the locker room and you saw everyone happy, but focused on what’s to come, I think that was the key moment to reach the final.

As for the atmosphere at camp as they prepare for the final, Dias says City are in great shape and desperate to put on a good performance on the bigger stage.

“I think we couldn’t be cooler,” he said.

“Obviously we are all very happy with what happened [this season] but we all know how special the Champions League is. We are fresh because we want it so badly.

Which players should join Ruben Dias in City’s starting XI for the final? Let us know in the comments here.

“I think it’s just the importance of the competition. Almost everyone has dreamed of winning the Champions League. I think it’s the biggest competition. Obviously, you have World Cups, you have European Championships, but the Champions League, with your club, is always, always, very special. And I think that says it all.

“This is our first final. So I think that’s how important it is to us. I would put myself with the club, because it is also my first final. It will probably have the same meaning. Obviously, having the opportunity to end the season with the Champions League – and the season will not be over because, afterwards, there will be the Euros – but ending the club season with the Champions League is obviously a dream for everyone.

“And we fought a lot to be here and we still think [about] the same: “We want to win it”. So now there is one game left and we will do whatever we can. ”


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