Red Bull in danger after Toto Wolff’s crooked wing threat – MPH – fr

Red Bull in danger after Toto Wolff’s crooked wing threat – MPH – fr

But the teams continue to refine the art and this year Red Bull and Alfa Romeo seem to have become particularly adept at it. With Red Bull engaging Mercedes in a world title fight, it suddenly became a political hot potato and the FIA ​​was forced to act. A new Technical Directive will come into force from the French Grand Prix by which the governing body reserves the right to test at 1.5 times the regulatory loads and to measure any nonlinear behavior of the deformation. In addition, the behavior of the wing on track, as captured by the onboard cameras, will be taken into account and could lead to the introduction of additional load tests. There is also a reminder that the FIA ​​would consider that any mechanism in the wing assembly apparently designed to allow the wing to flex would in itself be considered a breach of the regulations.

This technical directive can be comfortably satisfied by the teams, but with a rather expensive restructuring in some cases. Which could be particularly inconvenient for any team, like Red Bull, already operating at the cost cap limit. But where it gets really controversial is that there are two races before the new technical guidelines are implemented – and one of them is around the Baku street circuit where the flex wing advantage is at its absolute maximum. This track combines an intermediate sector à la Monaco where maximum downforce is required with the longest stretch of flat racing seen all year round, on the last “straight line” which runs along the Caspian coast. It is a mixture of Monaco and Monza, the two extremes of the request for support.

If the Red Bull’s rear wing is able to flex more efficiently than the Mercedes’, it will be worth much more in Baku than elsewhere. This will allow Red Bull to endure a lot of downforce for the street section without necessarily being crippled in this last stretch.

So in the multidimensional game of fighting for a championship, Merc’s Toto Wolff introduced some danger in choosing Red Bull’s wing there. Delaying the implementation of the new interpretation, he said, “leaves us in no man’s land as the technical directive says that the movement of some rear fenders was deemed excessive. Delaying the introduction for any reason leaves us in a legal vacuum and leaves the door open to protests. It’s not just us, but probably two other teams that are affected the most, maybe more.


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