Recent death of Kelowna woman falsely linked to COVID-19 vaccine – Kelowna News –

Recent death of Kelowna woman falsely linked to COVID-19 vaccine – Kelowna News – fr

A Kelowna woman recently died less than a week after receiving her COVID-19 vaccine. And while she died from a disease she had suffered for years, unrelated to the vaccine, social media users quickly grabbed her death as proof that vaccines are dangerous, causing considerable pain to her. his family and friends already in mourning.

Lynnae Erick received her Pfizer vaccine on May 17 and died on May 24, leaving behind her husband and 12-year-old daughter.

In the days following his vaccination, Erick posted his post-vaccination symptoms on Facebook.

“She’s very public, and all of her posts were public and she had commented that she had been vaccinated and was not feeling well, which is typical of a vaccination,” her close friend Amanda Stevenson told Castanet.

“And then she died less than a week after receiving the blow; the timing was a coincidence.

Erick had suffered from a serious illness for several years. Stevenson, who has spoken on behalf of Erick’s family, has chosen not to reveal the nature of the illness, out of respect for her friend’s privacy.

“She died 100% of her illness,” Stevenson said. “When someone walks by, it’s hard enough and touching enough, but adding fuel to it with rumors and innuendos was just devastating for the family.”

Erick had been hospitalized for her undisclosed illness last year, which strangers online were obviously unaware of.

“None of these people knew her,” Stevenson said. “It’s just sad that his posts are public because people have captured them and made up their own stories and ideas and it was pretty vicious. “

Rumors surrounding Erick’s death were quickly shared on Facebook, with unknowns as far as the United States coming to the conclusion that the vaccine had killed her. Stevenson says that is “absolutely not the case” and the experience has been very disturbing for Erick’s close-knit circle.

“People would comment on her posts, people would take screenshots of her posts and, in private messages, twist her words and share them on their own walls,” she said. “Trolls come out in force, and bad news and bad news spread far faster than good news. “

Although there have been very rare blood clots linked to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, which has resulted in five deaths in Canada, Dr Albert de Villier of Interior Health says they have not seen any vaccine-related deaths. inside.

“We are definitely monitoring any side effects,” said Dr de Villiers. “We haven’t heard from anyone who had a reaction that led to their death. We’ve had a couple of cases of anaphylaxis… they’re being treated very effectively… they’re probably the worst we’ve had.

“Out of almost 500,000 vaccines, to have just one or two that are considered serious side effects, the risks are really, really low. “

In fact, Erick’s husband and daughter both received their COVID-19 shots on Friday.

” And [Erick’s husband] felt his wife had been injured by a vaccine, there is no way in the world that he would have allowed his daughter to have one, ”Stevenson said. “He said it is important for people to know that they are convinced that it was not the vaccine that claimed his life, it was his illness. “

Stevenson created a GoFundMe page for Erick’s daughter. Although she recognizes that no amount of money can ever replace her mother, the funds will be used for the future of the young girl. As of Saturday, $ 3,500 has been raised.


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