Reactions of stowaways fans – fr

Reactions of stowaways fans – fr

The new film stars Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson and Toni Collette as they set off on a two-year mission to Mars.

Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

Only problem? A surprise passenger finds himself on board unknowingly, and the crew must figure out how to repair the damage to the ship’s life support system.

Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

The galactic drama debuted on Earth Day and instantly climbed to the top 10 on Netflix’s most watched list. Fans had some pretty funny reactions which were too good not to be shared.

Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

We’ve rounded up some of the best tweets on Stowaway until now. Check them out below:


Watch #StowawayMovie with the family. Comments from my 6 year old son so far: “Why is their spaceship so shaking and noisy?” “How do they get around in space?” “Why did you make it so boring?” “Are there aliens in there?” “

Twitter: @MysteryGuitarM


I just finished watching Stowaway and OMFG IM CRYING & amp; FEELIN SO MANY EMOTIONS Didn’t expect the end to be AHHHHH- Gawsh I love Anna Kendrick who was- omfg the cinematography was beautiful & amp; the game was flawless OMFG I CANT-

Twitter: @ RRen109Spam


I’m about to watch Anna Kendrick’s new space movie “Stowaway” on netflix and my palms are already sweaty… movies set in space make me so anxious but Anna Kendrick so here I am. 🥴

Twitter: @_____gabrieI

Have you had the chance to broadcast Stowaway? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

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