Ratings, polls don’t help Aaron Rodgers’ case to welcome Jeopardy! –

Ratings, polls don’t help Aaron Rodgers’ case to welcome Jeopardy! – fr

Jeopardy Productions Inc.

Earlier last month, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers wisely emerged on a media tour aimed at boosting ratings of his two-week stint as guest host of Peril! If it helped, it didn’t help enough.

Going through Sports Affairs Journal, Rodgers’ notes during his two week run are those generated by Peril! lead nominee Ken Jennings and executive producer Mike Richards. Jennings, in four weeks, averaged over 10 million viewers per show during three of its six weeks, and between 9.75 million and 9.9 million for the other three. Richards generated 9.895 million viewers for one of its two weeks and 9.729 million for the other.

Rodgers drew 9.193 million viewers per show for its first week and 9.081 million viewers per show for its second week.

Katie Couric’s week one drew more viewers than Rodgers’ week two. Others – Dr. Oz, Bill Whitaker and Anderson Cooper – have landed 8.51 million viewers per show and under. The lowest week came from Cooper; From April 26 to 30, Cooper averaged 7.75 million viewers.

Also by SBJ, a CivicScience study released this week shows that 22% of Jeopardy! fans want Jennings to be the permanent host, and 16% want Rodgers. The other options are “clearly behind schedule”.

Rodgers has made no secret of his desire to land the job. The numbers do not favor him. And, to the extent that the powers that be in Peril! are monitoring his ongoing feud with Green Bay management, they may not want to end up in a similar mess eventually.

Thus, it now appears that the question which accompanies Aaron Rodgers as Alex Trebek’s successor will most likely be What is not?


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