Rating all Everton players this season with Jordan Pickford, but new low –

Rating all Everton players this season with Jordan Pickford, but new low – fr

Dominic Calvert-Lewin won both Everton Player of the Season awards at the club’s recent official awards party.
But the Blues’ top scorer is down to eighth place in the official notes of our writers for the season just ended.

Many seasonal rewards provide a distorted view of a player’s contributions over the course of a season.

A good start to the season can be overshadowed by a tame finish, while players who finish the season strongly often feature more prominently than their overall performances dictated.

But that’s not the case with our player ratings.

Our Everton writers produce marks out of 10 after every game.

Phil Kirkbride, Adam Jones and Sam Carroll all issued ratings based on player performance that day.

They are tough, but fair. The players have had 9/10 performances this season – but not often.

While a defender managed to reach 3/10 consecutive points as the season was coming to a miserable end.

We’ve added up each player’s ratings for the season and divided them by the number of appearances they’ve made – to give an accurate assessment of their performance over the campaign.

And there are one or two telling totals.

Here, in traditional reverse order, are Everton player ratings for the 2020/21 season.

Josh King 5.66

It might come as no surprise that Josh King brings up the wooden spoon stance, given the striker never got a chance to start a game during his four-month loan spell. . As a result, his grades are sprinkled with six and five.

Bernard 5.72

Another striker to struggle by not actually starting many games. The Brazilian ended the season with successive 4/10 scores against Sheffield United and Manchester City, which hurt his average. But his highest rating, 8/10 awarded for his performance against Fleetwood in the Carabao Cup, dates back a long time.

Andre Gomes 5.74

A big disappointment for the Portuguese playmaker, having started the season with a couple of sevens and a six. Five seven out of ten demonstrations in six matches in January were quickly overshadowed by a succession of five out of ten demonstrations and two fours against Fulham and Aston Villa.

Mason Holgate 5.8

The defender would undoubtedly have finished the season much higher in the table, but miserable 3/10 scores in his last two appearances against Manchester City and Sheffield United have seen him crumble. A 4/10 in the home game against Aston Villa didn’t help much either.

Alex Iwobi 5.91

Is he a winger? Is he a number 10? Whatever his best role, Iwobi actually turned 8/10 against Fleetwood, Chelsea and Wolves. But he’s also fired plenty of 4/10 postings – including three in his last four appearances of an inconsistent campaign.

Fabian Delph 6.0

No surprise perhaps, but despite kicking off the campaign with a solid streak of four successive 7/10 performances, Delph’s injury issues throughout the campaign kept the midfielder from achieve a level of consistency.

Theo Walcott 6.0

Two appearances, two 6/10 scores give him an average of six seasons. Enough said.

Gylfi Sigurdsson 6.18

The Icelandic was capable of 8/10 performances, including four against Chelsea, Sheffield United, Leeds and West Brom, but also capable of four and five who only saw him cross the 6/10 threshold.

Richarlison 6.22

The Brazilian top scored 9/10 at Leicester and also managed six 8s, including at Anfield to underline what he might be capable of. But like too many of his teammates, he suffers from a lack of consistency.

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Seamus Coleman 6.26

8/10 performances against West Ham and Wolves sandwiched 5/10 against Aston Villa and against Sheffield United, pointing out that consistency was an issue for the Blues skipper.

Jonjoe Kenny 6.4

The full-back made five appearances before heading north for his Glasgow loan, and his ratings were actually more respectable than some of the players he left behind.

Ben Godfrey 6.47

A solid run of scores for the young defender in his debut season at Goodison Park. A lackluster campaign end of two 5s and a foursome in his last half-dozen displays meant he finished a little lower than he could have otherwise. The starting points were 9 in Leeds and against Chelsea.

Tom Davies 6.48

From highs of a 9/10 at Bramall Lane to a low of 4/10 at the Etihad, the young midfielder has had his moments this season, but not enough.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin 6.48

The pair are inseparable off the pitch – and they’re also joined at the hip in the season’s ratings, with DCL scoring 6.48, as are their good friends. Calvert-Lewin started the season like a sledgehammer with two 9s and an eight in his first five appearances – but in the second half of the season his grades declined – boosted by a rare 8/10 at West Ham.

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Abdoulaye Doucoure 6.52

Like his midfielder partner, Doucoure started the season beautifully and remained a consistent player until January. He slipped a bit before putting up with the broken foot that kept him from going out for a long time, and then when he came back he didn’t quite regain the form he had started the campaign.

Michael Keane 6.56

The England defender actually led the way when we took stock at the March international break with Keane (6.78) leading the tight pack with Lucas Digne (6.76) and Ben Godfrey (6.73) . But a 3 on the final day at Manchester City and a 4 at home against Spurs saw him dive.

Allan 6.57

After a sparkling start, 9, 8, 7, 8, the Brazilian saw his performance drop a little and then spent a good part of the season on the sidelines injured. But he regained his levels on his return and would have finished even higher without an end of the campaign that saw him finish with a 5, a 6 and a 4.

Lucas Digne 6.63

The French full-back has been a paragon of consistency since joining Everton, and although his levels this season weren’t as good as last, they were still efficient enough to see him finish third among the field players. ‘Everton.

James Rodriguez 6.65

A class act when he’s on the pitch, Everton just haven’t seen him often enough. His first five appearances in an Everton shirt saw him come back 8/10 every time – and although he couldn’t maintain that level throughout the campaign, he still produced some remarkable performances against Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday, Leicester, Crystal Palace and Arsenal.

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Yerry Mina 6.68

The only fielder to beat James’ total was compatriot Yerry Mina. There were low-back-to-back 5s moments against Newcastle and Fulham, but they were eclipsed by the high points. At one point in the season, Mina has recorded three successive 8/10 performances – in big matches also against Chelsea, Leicester and Arsenal.

Robin Olsen 6.72

Olsen has made 11 appearances throughout the season – and although a shaky display at Old Trafford saw him register a 5/10 display, he had given a 9/10 performance in his previous game at Leeds. There were 8’s and some 7’s to ensure Everton’s number two goalie finished in second place overall.

Jordan Pickford 6.72

By a weird oddity of coincidence – or perhaps due to the fact that so many outside players underperformed – Everton’s premier goalie finished at the top of the stack with the exact same mark as the man who was pushing him for a first place in the team. A 9/10 performance against Aston Villa and 8/10 against Wolves and Manchester City brought Pickford back from a shaky start. He had a season average score of just 6.12 as of mid-March, but he built on that to end the season with a solid 6.72.


Have played with only a handful of appearances: Niels Nkonkou 7.2, Jarrad Branthwaite 7, Joao Virginia and Anthony Gordon 6.66, Moise Kean 6.33, JP Gbamin 6, Cenk Tosun 5.66


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