Raptors playoff hopes still alive as wizards clash looms – fr

Raptors playoff hopes still alive as wizards clash looms – fr

Thanks in large part to huge performances from Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam on Sunday, the Toronto Raptors were able to secure a victory over the Los Angeles Lakers and keep their slim tournament hopes alive.

Toronto now has 2.5 games behind the Washington Wizards for 10th place in the Eastern Conference and seven games to go, which isn’t a ton of trail to make a move, but it’s still possible. , especially because Toronto and Washington have to play. later this week.

And despite all the attention being paid to Toronto and Washington, the Chicago Bulls are also still within a possible striking distance three games behind the Wizards.

So, it goes without saying that this is a critical week for the fate of this much sought after No.10 seed in the East.

Here’s a quick rundown of where each team is going as we approach this big week.

Raptors de Toronto

Current record: 27-38
Remaining games: 7
Schedule this week: at LAC, against WAS, against MEM

What looked like a disastrous Western Conference road trip for the Raptors has changed somewhat for them because of this big win on Sunday against the Lakers, and now they’ll have a chance to end their trip against a Los Angeles Clippers team on Tuesday. . in a spit of trouble themselves right now, having lost three in a row.

A win over the Clippers would be huge for the Raptors as it would set up their Thursday clash with the Wizards in the best possible position at the time. Obviously, a win over Washington would mean inventing an entire game against them, so the more work the Raptors can do to reduce the Wizards’ lead before facing them, the better.

Chicago Bulls

Current record: 26-38
Remaining games: 8
Schedule this week: vs PHI, at CHA, vs BOS, at DET

The Bulls are at a serious disadvantage as they won’t see the Wizards for the rest of their season and will have to rely entirely on Washington being hesitant as they manage to get on track to finish the season if they are to succeed. the play-in tournament.

It’s a nightmarish scenario for Chicago, as they haven’t proven to be good enough to follow a streak of any kind since crossing the big trade deadline for Nikola Vucevic, nor believing the Wizards – winners. 12 of their last 15 games. – will suddenly fall off a cliff.

It’s still technically possible for the Bulls, but their odds seem slimmer than even those of the Raptors at the moment.

Wizards de Washington

Current record: 29-35
Remaining games: 8
Schedule this week: vs. IN, what MIL, what TOR, what IND

The Wizards can theoretically wrap up a playing spot for themselves this week and look set to do so with a number of big games that could work to their advantage in the standings.

There’s obviously the Raptors game on Thursday where, while it might be a blessing for Toronto to cut their lead, from Washington’s perspective that game could be the last nail in the coffin he needs to put the Raptors at rest for good.

Additionally, the Wizards play a pair of games against the Indiana Pacers this week – Monday and Saturday. Those are two important games for them, as they’re currently just 1.5 games behind Indiana for the No.9 seed in the East.

A few wins against the Pacers this week would likely mean Washington take 9th place for themselves and give themselves the cushion they need to secure their place.


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