Queues around the block as over 20s line up for Covid jabs amid the rise of variants in India – fr

Queues around the block as over 20s line up for Covid jabs amid the rise of variants in India – fr

A vaccination center had queues around the block after announcing that all over 20s would receive a shot.
Hirshman’s chemist’s center in Sefton, Merseyside, is near Formby, which has seen an increase in coronavirus cases with the Indian variant detected.

Yesterday, it was announced that surge tests had been rolled out in parts of Sefton, Merseyside, after cases of the Indian variant of the coronavirus were discovered.

In a bid to protect its people, the jab’s deployment is being extended to over 20s in the city well ahead of the national schedule, Liverpool Echo reported.

A staff member at the Hirshman Pharmacy in Ainsdale confirmed that the vaccination center started getting vaccinated without an appointment starting at 3 p.m. today.

The move comes after the region saw a surge of positive tests last week, which resulted in the closure of a pub and several schools sending classes home to isolate themselves.

Did you get your hands on a shot today at Sefton? Email [email protected]

The Formby vaccination center distributes vaccines on a first come, first served basis

Parts of Formby in Sefton have seen the number of positive cases increase fivefold in just one week.

Sefton’s response to the rise in infections came after David Greenhalgh, Bolton’s head of council, hinted that the UK government would give permission to vaccinate against surges in some areas.

He is one of a number of local leaders who had asked ministers to let them get vaccinated every over 16 in areas where the virus is spreading rapidly.

“It’s a question of capacity, but we have had very, very constructive discussions and they are definitely looking to move forward as soon as possible,” he said, reported The Guardian.

Long queues were expected at the vaccination center

Vaccine Minister Nadim Zahawi has called on people living in Sefton, as well as Bolton, to get tested so that the variant epidemic in India can be brought under control.

He said: “We have to work together, these viewers of Formby and Bolton where we test for surges, we can all play our part.

“These people have to do two tests a week, and then if you are positive, do a PCR test.

“We do the surge testing and at Bolton we do the door-to-door testing because we know it works.

“The vaccination program, the genome sequencing, and please isolate if you test positive is the only way to break the cycle. “

Deputy Nadim Zahawi

The answer comes amid growing alarm surrounding the Indian variant.

Four people have now died after contracting the mutant strain, Public Health England has announced.

The latest total was announced on Friday amid an increase in the number of cases and urgent measures to stop the spread of the mutant variant which has spread rapidly in some areas.

Cases of variant B.1.617.2 more than doubled in the UK – from 520 to 1313 – in a week, with lockouts eased.


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