Queer Eye’s Tan France on Becoming a Trendy Dad and Baby – fr

Queer Eye’s Tan France on Becoming a Trendy Dad and Baby – fr

Tan France always knew he wanted to be a father, but without the unplanned labor disruption due to the coronavirus, there is no way he would be about to have a baby in a few months.

“I don’t remember a time before I wanted to be a parent,” he told POPSUGAR. “But we probably should have waited until I was done with Queer eye and I ended up in entertainment before embarking on this path. And there are so many horrible things that happened in the last year for so many people, but for me there was a silver lining and it was that I had time to be able to start my family. “

Although he and her husband Rob France are set to welcome their first surrogate baby this summer, Tan said he was also eager to welcome fragments of his pre-pandemic life. “I’m back to work now, thank God, and aren’t we just tired of sweating and being in the same thing day in and day out?” ” he said. “It’s nice to feel alive again. “

“I’m not one of those people who get excited about dressing their child up in fancy outfits like they’re an adult. I don’t want jeans, I don’t want sweaters, I don’t want complicated shoes. ”

To that end, Tan has teamed up with Express to launch his very first TikTok challenge, #ExpressReentry, which encourages people to share the outfits they can’t wait to wear as they “come back into” their daily lives. Tan will drop comments on his favorite videos, which he says have nothing to do with fashion trends or expensive “it” items. “I don’t care,” he said. “I think we’ve all felt a bit depressed over the past year, so it’s a reminder that the little things, like putting on clothes that make you feel good, can have an impact. “

Having a baby, he admits, however, is no easy task. Here’s what Tan revealed about the importance of his fatherhood plans and the importance of the Fab Five and French to his growing family.

On How a Baby Will Change the Queer Eye Dynamics. . .

“I’m so close to the casting. We’re like siblings at this point – we’ve been through so much together, so I can’t see him doing anything other than bringing us closer. I think it will make us stronger.

Karamo [Brown] has a biological son and an adopted son, but he didn’t have them until he was 10, so I’m the only one having a real baby! Next season if we shoot another season of Queer eye, I will have a baby on the set. And I think that will really encourage guys to like about him and then want to be his uncle. Knowing how excited they are all – they are already saying what they want to give him and how they want to spoil him. Even now that we’ve been back on set for a month, when we talk about him, we’re all a little moved that I have a baby and what he looks like. And it’s really sweet and reassuring. “

Who of the Fab Five will make the best babysitter? . .

“It’s difficult, but I’ll say this. Bobby [Berk] is the most diligent of all of us. Bobby is the most type A, so I know that if Bobby is watching our son my son will be fed on time, he will know what time the nap is supposed to be and he will make sure that happens. Bobby is incredibly diligent. “

On his plans to be a strict traditional parent. . .

“I want to raise my kids in a very South Asian way, and we are a bit stricter than western parents with their kids. They eat at the table, with the family – they don’t go elsewhere for dinner. We don’t do other people’s sleepovers, we’re going to be pretty strict parents.

The way to connect with the culture is through the language and the food, so these two things will always be present in our home. We want them to know two languages. The majority of the first few years, they will have my language, Hindi and the English of their white father, Rob, at home. And then the majority of the television they’ll watch will be Bollywood, which will be in Hindi. I want them to understand my culture very well and to be able to talk to my elders and my family. And a lot of my family members don’t speak English as a first language. So these things are really important to me. “

On baby fashion and the art of infantile French Tuck. . .

“The French Tuck, as far as I’m concerned, it works for everyone, all generations. So, yes, the French Tuck will always be there. And then as to what my baby is going to be… I ‘I’m not one of those people who are keen on dressing their child up in fancy outfits like they’re an adult. I have no wishes, not until at least they’re a toddler. When they’re a real baby, I don’t have any I don’t want jeans, I don’t want sweaters, I don’t want complicated shoes. This kid is going to constantly poop and constantly throw up without a doubt. They will do damage. And so it makes no sense to I want parents to put them in these elaborate clothes. I want it in a onesie. I want to make it as easy as possible for me and my husband to change his diapers. I don’t buy anything more complicated than a onesie.

I think people will be angry if they say, “But you have such an opportunity to address the child in an elaborate way! I just think it’s impractical. And I would like to believe that I am a reasonable person and that is why people listen to what I say. So I would like to believe that they will understand why I say this. “

On parenting as a gay couple. . .

“We are in a situation where there are two fathers. It’s not like we’re a straight couple where – and this is going to sound archaic, but unfortunately it is often a fact – most men assume that the woman is going to take care of the baby, and therefore the woman, mom, is usually the one who has to sacrifice showers and do her hair and put on clothes that make her feel good. We don’t have that. There are two men who are equal partners in all of this. And no one can be the “babysitter” here. We are both parents. I would like to believe that we will do whatever we can to always feel good about ourselves and boost our self-esteem by making compromises. Say, “OK, I’m going to go take a shower and put on some clothes now, and then you can go take a shower.” And we shouldn’t have to neglect ourselves. I would like to believe that parents who feel good about themselves and are able to take care of themselves can do a good job taking care of their children. “

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