Queen ‘is not the same’ thanks to ‘mercilessly cruel’ Harry, claims royal expert – fr

Queen ‘is not the same’ thanks to ‘mercilessly cruel’ Harry, claims royal expert – fr

Prince Harry has been called “ruthlessly cruel” to the queen who “adores him” for her still damning outlook on life as a royal as she struggles to cope without Philip, a palace expert has said.
The Duke of Sussex has once again emphatically stated that he doesn’t like living in public gaze as a member of the royal family in a new podcast interview with actor Dax Shepard in the United States.

Harry was criticized by royal fans after the intimate conversation on Armchair Expert where he compared his life to The Truman Show, the popular 1990s film starring Jim Carrey, or as “living in a zoo”.

Royal expert Angela Levin also felt Harry was selfish for her comments, especially with the royal family accepting Prince Philip’s death.

She told Good Morning Britain: ‘This lack of understanding of someone else’s position, for Prince Charles, who, as we saw when the funeral took place, was absolutely devastated to lose his dad.

Queen ‘worships’ Prince Harry says royal expert Angela Levin

“And the Queen, at 95, bravely went to reopen Parliament, but you could tell she was not the same queen.

“She is desperately upset, she adores Harry. And Prince Charles did his best. So, it is unspeakably, ruthlessly cruel.

Harry and Meghan moved from the UK to California and he’s embraced the celebrity lifestyle with regular media appearances.

The couple are currently expecting their second child and Harry also used Shepard’s interview to say that he did not want to convey the issues he was having as a royal and in the media gaze to his children.

He spoke about the helplessness he felt in his role as a royal and knew this was not the life he wanted to lead in his early twenties.

Harry and Meghan left the UK for the US to start a new life

Prince Harry left the royal family for the United States because of what he did to his mother, Princess Diana, he shared on a podcast.

The Duke of Sussex discussed his own struggles growing up in the limelight and said in his early 20s he would ‘smile and put up with it’ – but knew he didn’t want the role for himself.

He said he would think, “I don’t wanna be here, I don’t wanna do this, look what it did to my mom.” How am I ever going to settle down and have a wife and a family when I know it’s going to happen again.

“I saw behind the curtain. “

Harry also recalled that after seeking therapy for his mental health issues, he felt a “bubble burst” and his head was “out of the sand”.


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