Quebec unveils its plan to reopen organized sports and gymnasiums until the summer –

Quebec unveils its plan to reopen organized sports and gymnasiums until the summer – fr

MONTREAL – Supervised team sports will resume across Quebec until June as more regions lower their COVID-19 alert levels, Education Minister Isabelle Charest announced Thursday.

Gyms are expected to reopen as regions move to the orange zone, meaning people will be able to renew their membership for June 7 in Montreal and Laval.

In the yellow zones, outdoor sports activities will be permitted in groups of 25, as of June 11. Not all sports, however, only those incorporating brief contact, such as soccer, baseball, and volleyball.

For basketball fans, the wait continues.

Mecca is in the United States and our kids are watching all Americans play like it’s over, ”said Joey Mckitterick, director of the Montreal Brookwoodelite basketball program.

“So everyone is eager to get back to the gym and get to play. “

Large-scale outdoor events will return on June 25. In the red and orange zones, this will only include non-contact sports, such as gymnastics or shot put. The government, however, expects most regions to turn green by then.

“It will be possible to organize competitions and tournaments and it will also be possible to accommodate spectators,” said Charest.

Indoor activities requiring brief contacts can also resume on this date in the green areas with a maximum of 25 participants, not counting spectators. This includes, among others, combat sports.

Parents will be able to attend their children’s sports games, but limits will be imposed on the number of spectators. Outside, 50 spectators on an outdoor stage will be allowed with assigned seats. Inside, in the green zone, the capacity will be reduced to 25.

Charest also claimed that “the majority of indoor sports and recreational facilities will be able to reopen their doors from the orange level”, with face coverings mandatory for all users.

In all cases, the activities will still have to be supervised by a person responsible for respecting the sanitary instructions.


The relaxed rules, developed in collaboration with public health, will be implemented “if, and only if, the epidemiological situation continues to improve,” Charest said.

The medical consultant Dr Érik Litvak underlined the importance of vaccination to allow a return to normal in the world of sport.

“It is absolutely necessary that everyone goes this summer to get their second dose of vaccine,” he said, recalling that in the fall, with the return to school and the resumption of activities, contacts interpersonal will multiply.

“We’re really heading towards some normalcy,” Charest said.

– This report was first published by the Canadian Press in French with files from CTV News reporter Matt Grillo on May 27, 2021.


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