Pub could be banned from serving pints after secret drinks lead to brawl – fr

Pub could be banned from serving pints after secret drinks lead to brawl – fr

A pub will see its license debated following reports that secret lockdown pints led to a street brawl.
Merseyside Police have requested a review of the operating conditions of the Wheatsheaf after officers were called in to break up a scuffle outside.

The move means the Knotty Ash site could be banned from serving pints just days after the pandemic restrictions were lifted, allowing it to fully reopen.

The pub bosses will appear before the Liverpool Council licensing committee on Wednesday.

Ahead of the meeting, Punch Pubs, which runs the venue, promised to work with authorities.

A note on the council’s website explains, “The license review for this local is tied to the licensing objectives of – crime and disorder prevention, public safety and public nuisance. “

Le pub Wheatsheaf, Knotty Ash.

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police confirmed the review followed an incident in March.

A statement issued to ECHO said: “At 2:20 am on Friday March 12, we received an emergency call indicating that a group of men were fighting outside the pub.

“It was reported that men smashed a pub window and then started fighting. It seems that the unrest started inside the premises and then spread to the streets.

“A man was seen leaving the pub and questioned by the police, he said he had gone to drink with friends. He was fined Covid.

“Officers entered and found evidence that a number of people had been drinking inside the pub and another fine was imposed on the designated premises supervisor. “

Advisors have a number of options available to them, including the suspension or complete withdrawal of the pub license to serve alcohol.

They could also change the operating conditions of the pub or remove the designated premises supervisor from the venue.

The licensing hearing will come just days after the third step in England lifting lockdowns – which is to allow pubs and restaurants to serve customers inside for the first time. times this year.

Punch Pubs Director of Operations Robin Belither said: “As responsible owners, we take our licensing goals and legal requirements very seriously.

“A violation of Covid regulations is no exception, and we have continued to work with and follow the advice of authorities, keeping the long-term future of the pub and the safety of the community in mind. “


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