Prosecutors seek “special master” to examine items seized by FBI – fr

Prosecutors seek “special master” to examine items seized by FBI – fr

Seeing this as an appropriate measure to ensure the protection of solicitor-client privilege, prosecutors filed the application under seal last Thursday, the day after the searches. The letter was unsealed on Tuesday.

The prosecutors’ file stated that they had consulted Giuliani’s lawyer and that he would file a response.

Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello, had indicated shortly after the searches that he intended to pursue a legal challenge to protect possible privilege issues concerning clients of Giuliani, which previously included the former president. Donald Trump.

Former New York City mayor has been investigated for his activities in Ukraine, including whether he illegally lobbyed for Ukrainian officials as he continued an investigation into the main political rival of Trump, President Joe Biden, CNN reported. He was not charged and denied having committed any wrongdoing.

After federal agents executed the search warrants last week at Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment and office, Costello said the warrant described an investigation into a possible violation of foreign lobbying laws and that he was looking for communications between Giuliani and individuals which included a former columnist of The Hill, John Solomon. .
Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who does not formally represent Giuliani but acts in an advisory capacity, said on Monday that Giuliani was likely to file a lawsuit and wanted his former clients to also seek to prevent prosecutors from reviewing the documents.

“I hope people whose inside information like Donald Trump will join the trial and say you can’t see my stuff,” Dershowitz, a retired Harvard Law School professor who was part of the defense team of the then president during the first indictment. lawsuit and whose career has mainly focused on individual civil liberties, CNN told CNN.

Costello told CNN on Monday night that Giuliani’s legal team is set to expand with additional lawyers as the former New York mayor braces for a legal fight, but there was no no coordination between Giuliani and Trump’s legal team.

A second court document established a briefing schedule that gives Giuliani until May 10 to respond to prosecutors’ filing.

CNN’s Paula Reid contributed to this report.


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