production of another COVID-19 vaccine will begin in a few weeks –

production of another COVID-19 vaccine will begin in a few weeks – fr

PARIS – Production of another potential vaccine against COVID-19 will begin in a few weeks, its developers Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline announced Thursday as they launched a large trial recruiting 35,000 adult volunteers in the United States, Asia, Africa and in Latin America.

The study will test candidate vaccine formulas against the original coronavirus that spread from Wuhan, China, and against the variant first seen in South Africa, the drug companies said.

If the trial is successful, regulators could approve the vaccine for use in the last three months of the year, the drugmakers said in a statement.

“Manufacturing will begin in the coming weeks to allow rapid access to the vaccine, if approved,” they said.

According to their statement, Thomas Triomphe, who heads vaccine research and development at Sanofi Pasteur, said: “We are encouraged to see the first vaccinations start taking place in such an important and crucial Phase 3 study.”

Earlier this month, the companies said their vaccine candidate elicited strong immune responses in all adult age groups in preliminary trials after a previous setback, bolstering optimism the vaccine could join the fight against the pandemic this year.

After two doses of the vaccine candidate, participants showed antibodies similar to those found in people who had recovered from the disease, according to the results of the previous, smaller trial.

Regulators have already cleared a number of COVID-19 vaccines, although experts say more is needed as public health authorities around the world rush to vaccinate their residents amid a pandemic that has already killed more than 3.4 million people and caused economic havoc.


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