Prince Louis is the first royal to lose the privilege of male succession after the Queen’s rule change –

Prince Louis is the first royal to lose the privilege of male succession after the Queen’s rule change – fr

Prince Louis became the first member of the royal family in history to lose his privileged place in the line of succession, after a historic decision by the Queen to change the rules.
However, the three-year-old is still above his uncle, Prince Harry, who is 36, in the line to the throne.

In the past, the traditional royal rule – called male-preference primogeniture – favored male children as heirs to the throne, even if they had an older sister.

This is why Princess Anne is further from being Queen than her younger brothers Prince Michael and scandal-prone Prince Andrew are not becoming king.

Louis is still ahead of his uncle, Prince Harry in the line of succession to the throne

But a 2013 ruling by the Queen meant that this traditional rule, which some might consider sexist, has been scrapped.

Now age comes before sex – a change that was hailed at the time as fairer for royal women and more in line with modern opinion about the role of men and women in society.

When Prince Louis, the third child and youngest son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was born in April 2018, he became the first royal to be affected by this change.

The children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lead the estate after Prince Charles and Prince William

This places the fifth three-year-old on the throne, below his older sister Charlotte, who is six.

However, the line of succession still gives surprising results.

William and Kate’s three children, George, 7, Charlotte and Louis, precede Prince Harry, the queen’s grandson and son of the heir to the throne.

The first in line remains Prince Charles, followed by his eldest son William, Duke of Cambridge.

The queen changed the rules of primogeniture for male preference in 2013

The order of succession

  1. Prince charles
  2. Prince William
  3. Prince George
  4. Princess charlotte
  5. Prince louis
  6. Prince harry
  7. Archie Mountbatten-Windsor
  8. New Baby Sussex – expected to arrive soon
  9. Prince Andrew
  10. Princess Beatrice
  11. New baby Mapelli Mozzi – expected later this year
  12. Princess Eugenie
  13. August Brooksbank
  14. Prince Edward
  15. Vicomte Severn
  16. Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor
  17. Princess Anne
  18. Peter Phillips
  19. Savannah Phillips
  20. Isla Phillips
  21. Zara Tindall
  22. Mia Tindall
  23. Lena Tindall
  24. Lucas Tindall


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