Prince Harry says First Amendment ‘bonkers’, told to return to England – fr

Prince Harry says First Amendment ‘bonkers’, told to return to England – fr

The separated royal criticized America’s free speech, a move that was not taken lightly.
In a recent interview with actor Dax Shepard Chair expert podcast, Harry has made a series of controversial statements. As The Spectator points out, as Harry crawled over the “genetic” pain and suffering “of growing up as a royal” made the headlines in the UK, his comments regarding the US First Amendment were left out. Across the Atlantic, however, things turned around.
Harry was recently hired at the Aspen Institute to be part of the “Commission on Information Disorders”, a group deemed “Orwell-esque” by some. In a statement, he said that “the experience of today’s digital world has inundated us with an avalanche of disinformation, affecting our ability as individuals and societies to think clearly and truly understand the world within. which we live ”.
With that as a background, it’s no surprise that Harry sees America’s generous free speech as problematic. “I have so much to say about the First Amendment,” he told Shepard. ” That’s crazy. He admitted that he “didn’t want to start going the First Amendment route because it’s such a huge topic and I don’t understand because [he’s] only been here for a short time. ”
His concerns centered on the ability of people to abuse the system. “You can find a loophole in anything,” he said. “You can capitalize on or exploit what is not said rather than confirming what is said. “
Harry also criticized Joe Rogan and his recent statements, which were dismissed, saying young people don’t need to be vaccinated. “The problem is in today’s world with rampant disinformation,” Harry said. “You have to be careful of what comes out of your mouth. Because the news no longer exists only in the news. They’re splashed all over the place, so people like to listen to Joe Rogan and say, ‘Oh, if he says that.’ “
Following the podcast’s publication, Harry received calls to “return to Britain”, with one angry Twitter user pointing out that ” [America] fought a war to get rid of the royal family on [their] sol. »
Even Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw intervened, joking that he “had just doubled the size of [his] Independence Day. ”


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