Prince Harry opens up about ‘shame’ families feel for letting loved ones down over mental health –

Prince Harry opens up about ‘shame’ families feel for letting loved ones down over mental health – fr

Earlier in the series, Prince Harry revealed his traumatic experiences after the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and recalled how he was forced to cry in public during his funeral in 1997.

After Williams told the Duke that having to cry so publicly left him feeling vulnerable, Prince Harry said: “We have a lot of shared experience. When you talk about it… when you see so many people around the world crying for someone… you feel like they know them better than you, in a weird way, because you are unable to grieve. .

“It’s like, ‘How do you cry more over someone who is my parent and I am unable to cry on my own?’ ‘

The Duke later told Williams he wished his father was alive to see ‘the remarkable man you’ve become’ and praised Williams for overcoming his drinking problems.

It comes after Prince Harry admitted he had consumed alcohol in an attempt to block the pain of losing his mother.

“I was ready to drink, I was ready to take drugs, I was ready to try and do things that made me feel less like I was feeling,” he told the show.

Support Meghan with suicidal thoughts

The Duke also opened up about suicide during the episode and said he now feels better equipped to respond to someone considering ending their life.

Prince Harry admitted in a previous episode that he didn’t know how to react when his wife, Meghan, told him in 2019 that she felt suicidal.

In the new episode, Prince Harry revealed that he has learned to offer support.

“So many people are afraid of being the recipients of this conversation because they don’t feel like they have the right tools to give the right advice,” Prince Harry said.

“But what you mean is you’re here. Because listening to and participating in this conversation is without a doubt the best first step you can take. ”


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