Prince Harry and Meghan ‘crossed the line’ when Kate ‘slagged’ if the split with William ‘will not be resolved’ – fr

Prince Harry and Meghan ‘crossed the line’ when Kate ‘slagged’ if the split with William ‘will not be resolved’ – fr

The rift between Prince William and his younger brother Prince Harry “will not be resolved” after comments on the Duchess of Cambridge.
According to a royal expert, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “crossed the line” by saying in an interview that Kate Middleton made the Duchess of Sussex cry.

The brothers were believed to be in better conditions after being seen speaking at the funeral of their grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh in April.

However, Charlie Rae, a former editor of The Sun, said things had “gone too far” on a recent radio show and that Charles and William would not “hold their arms open to Harry again”.

The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral (PA)

TalkRADIO host Kevin O’Sullivan said: “We read that Harry was shocked at the frosty reception he received from some of the royals.

“Some people have literally turned their backs on him. He was stunned by it – I don’t know why it came as a surprise to him.

“It must have occurred to him how frozen he is, how he’s turned his back on his old life.

“There are suggestions that when he came back a few weeks ago he remembered his old life. “

He added, “He was feeling pretty nostalgic about it and he’s not as thrilled with his new situation as he wants you to believe. “

Mr Rae replied: “In the United States, Harry looks like a surprised bunny caught in the headlights.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at a 2018 event in London

“I believe this is a problem that will never go away, it will not be solved.

“I don’t believe William and Charles will extend their open arms to Harry again in light of what he said.

“They let Kate down. I think it’s too far now. “

He added: “Why did he think he could come back for a funeral and expect everyone to throw their arms around him after he called them racists?” “

Mr. O’Sullivan agreed, saying, “This guy crossed the line. “

In the interview with Oprah, a pregnant Meghan accuses the Duchess of Cambridge of making her cry as her wedding approaches in 2018 as Harry said her brother was ‘trapped’ in The Firm.

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Buckingham Palace has remained low key after the bombshell interview, which aired in the UK on March 8, beyond the Queen’s statement reiterating that any issues would be dealt with in private and a brief commentary from William.

Shortly after the interview, Prince William told reporters during a public engagement “we are really not a racist family”.

Immediately after the Sussexes interview, Meghan’s TV channel girlfriend Gayle King told CBS’s breakfast show The Morning that Harry had had unproductive phone calls with other members of the the Royal family.

It was hoped that Harry and William could end their feud after the funeral, but the talks were reportedly tense and royal sources told Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl that some in society feared Harry and Meghan “want to continue on. feed the soap opera ”.

Prince Harry is due to return to the UK in July for the unveiling of a statue of his mother, Princess Diana, on what would have been his 60th birthday.

But royal expert and author Phil Dampier says he believes the Duke of Sussex is unlikely to travel without his wife Meghan, who is expecting the couple’s second child.


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