Preview of what Jalen Hurts to DeVonta Smith could look like in the NFL – fr

Preview of what Jalen Hurts to DeVonta Smith could look like in the NFL – fr

The 2021 NFL Draft was unique in that it saw several quarterbacks reunited with their college offensive weapons.

Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne were a Clemson first round package with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Ja’Marr Chase and Joe Burrow, once on the LSU Tigers, are now both on the Cincinnati Bengals, the NFL Tigers team. The Miami Dolphins paired Alabama’s Jaylen Waddle with Tua Tagovailoa.

Of course, the latter wasn’t the only Crimson Tide connection restored. The Philadelphia Eagles created their own Tuscaloosa reunion by selecting DeVonta Smith at No.10 to catch passes from Jalen Hurts again.

But how extensive is their experience together? Well, not as much as some of the other couples.

Smith only had eight receptions as a rookie behind many other talented receivers in 2017. Smith then saw more action in 2018, but Hurts didn’t, as he was relegated from the starter to the substitute. from Tagovailoa.

So, there is only a small sample size from when one projects how the Hurts to Smith connection might translate into the NFL. Here is an overview of the numbers anyway:

2017: 5 finishes in 12 attempts, 82 yards, 1 touchdown… 2 first downs

2018: 7 successes in 8 attempts, 125 yards, 1 touchdown… 5 first downs

TOTAL: 12 successes in 20 attempts, 207 yards (10.4 years), 2 touchdowns… 7 first downs

As you can see, Hurts to Smith wasn’t the most effective connection when the first was in second grade and the second was in first grade. In all fairness, they were both playing their 19-year seasons. Things got better for them in 2018.

It remains to be seen if their previous relationship will help the duo get off to a quick start together on the Eagles. The opportunity will certainly not be missed, with Smith claiming to be Hurts’ best wide receiver option. Smith seems sure it will work fine:

For a preview of what Hurts to Smith could look like in the NFL, check out this video Birds & Bells has put together:

Excited to see these guys get down to business.


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