Pret Sandwich Sales Show where UK workers return to the office – fr

Pret Sandwich Sales Show where UK workers return to the office – fr

Figures compiled by Pret, whose expansion to some 300 London stores was fueled by the city’s booming economy before the coronavirus, are a real-time gauge of the UK’s recovery from its worst recession in three centuries .

Sandwich shop transactions are not a perfect metric, and other metrics, such as transit traffic, will help complete the picture. Still, the data gives some idea of ​​the demand for breakfast and lunch, as well as the workforce, as stores like Pret employ many of the UK’s 3 million hotel industry workers.

The index is calculated against a January 2020 base, before the pandemic hit the UK, and compares transaction data from March 8 – the week before schools in England reopened – to the average of that month. Each point (0.01) of the index represents a 1% progression towards the return to those January 2020 levels.

Stores are grouped together to show where consumers reappear after three lockdowns in a year. While the back-to-school and reopening of non-essential retailers have given a boost to nearby fast food outlets, financial districts will continue to lag behind, said Pret CEO Pano Christou. , in an interview.

“I think work habits will be different in the long run,” he said. “Hybrid and flexible working is a thing now and will remain so. In our opinion, the city will take many, many years to come back. “


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