Potential additions for injury-filled New York Mets –

Potential additions for injury-filled New York Mets – fr

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The idea of ​​the “ReplaceMets” was downright fun and fun when they contributed and won ball games, but we all knew it was absolutely unbearable.

The kids played hard and were definitely fun to watch at times, but there’s no denying that in the last few games they’ve turned out to be a bit outscored with not-so-dominant throws.

In their current losing streak, which has extended to three games with the 3-2 loss to the Colorado Rockies on Monday night, the Mets’ offense has collected just four points combined against Pablo Lopez, Cody Poteet, and Austin Gomber.

With all due respect to those three pitchers, this improvised Mets offensive is starting to get unattainable at times. Going back even further, they are 3-4 and have averaged just three points per game in their last seven games.

The addition of Cameron Maybin didn’t work at all, Johneshwy Fargas provided a little spark but he’s now injured too, and Khalil Lee seems outclassed by big league launches, to name a few.

With the potential return dates of some of their big league bats still in question, now is the time for the Mets to jump in and make an addition to this club. They need a spark, a legitimate addition to the big league that can and will contribute.

While now might not be the perfect time to make a trade, Mets general manager Zack Scott said Monday afternoon he was looking at all options and was “on the phone pretty much. all day everyday ”looking for ways to improve his injury. ball club exhausted.

“We’re trying to find the best internal options, the best external options, trying to make the most of the guys that we have,” Scott said. “We have to cover everything and explore everything we can to get the best team on the pitch at all times.”

Scott mentioned that there are a handful of teams that are certainly open for business right now. It might cost them a little more to land a trade this early, but it’s about time enough is enough with this offense exhausted.

The internal option just doesn’t do this for this group. That being said, here are some potential external options that Zack Scott and the Mets might consider under free will, waivers, and in the trade market.

Free agents

At this point in the season, there really isn’t much in the free agent market. The three remaining outfielders are Yoenis cespedes, Yasiel puig, and Ryan Braun.

While at the time it may have been three big name additions, at this point in their respective careers the three players seem to be on the downward slope and certainly come with their fair share of baggage going. of road.

Would it hurt for the Mets to take a chance on one of them on what would most certainly be a very cheap deal? I do not know. But will the production be worth the potential baggage and negative reactions they could bring to the club? It doesn’t look like it.

Braun, now 37, produced a 0.769 OPS and eight home runs in 39 games for the Brewers during the shortened 2020 pandemic season. Puig has not played at the big league level since 2019 and , as we know, Cespedes chose not to participate in last season after only eight games.

At this point, who knows if they’d even be in game shape and able to help this team right away.

If the Mets were interested in stepping for any of these three, they likely would have pulled the trigger by now. That’s why I think they have no interest in adding these aging veterans and looking elsewhere to improve.

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Waivers / Recently DFA

Just like with free will, there really isn’t much that is appealing to the Mets.

Three of the forwards currently sitting in DFA limbo, as SNY’s Jacob Resnick pointed out, are giants of Braden Bishop, and the brewers of Billy McKinney and veteran utility Jace Peterson.

Bishop is a 27-year-old outfielder who has yet to find big-league success but has a decent record in the minor leagues. During the 2019 season, he produced a 0.830 OPS in 50 games with Triple-A Tacoma.

He was claimed waivers by the Giants after being DFA by the Mariners, but his tenure in the Bay Area didn’t last very long and he was DFA again last week. Bishop has a minor league option on his deal, so he could help in the major leagues until the regulars come back and then be sacked.

Peterson was recovering from a Triple-A thumb injury when he was DFA by the Brewers on Monday afternoon. He played a bench role for Milwaukee during the 2020 season and saw one of his best offensive years of his career.

In 26 games coming off the bench, Peterson produced a career record of .749 OPS and a .393 OBP. Throughout his eight-year Big League career, Peterson has spent time at both outfield corners and in all field positions.

Perhaps the most interesting name on this list is 26-year-old outfielder Billy McKinney. Due to injuries, the once-top-100 prospect started the season playing often and in red, but eventually lost more and more playing time as the Brew Crew grew healthier.

McKinney was finally DFA last weekend because he ran out of minor league options. During his four years at the big league level, McKinney produced a .706 OPS and hit 24 doubles and 21 homers.

Pat Ragazzo, from the MMO, also raised the speedster Dee Strange-Gordon in an article published yesterday. Strange-Gordon was recently DFA and is now a free agent, and he’s someone the Mets should seriously consider.

His last full season in the major leagues, he hit .275 and stole 22 goals with the Seattle Mariners. Over 45 games to start this season with Milwaukee Brewers’ Triple-A affiliate Nashville Sound, he was hitting .333 with four more hits and a stolen base.

As Pat mentioned, he’s someone who can contribute both in the infield and out. Strange-Gordon would be an attractive low-risk, potentially high-return option. Let’s face it, at this point what’s the harm in seeing it is that he still has something to contribute at the big league level.

Potential additions for injury-filled New York Mets

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Exchange market

Obviously, the big names that Mets fans would love to see here and have pitched so often are the Cubs 3B. Kris Bryant et Rangers OF Joey Gallo. Honestly, though, I don’t see Bryant moving anytime soon, and it’s unclear whether or not Rangers are listening to the offers on Gallo.

I’m not saying to rule these two out entirely, it seems less likely, at least for now. However, there are still some great options that should be available to the reconstruction teams. Ideally, it would be nice to see the Mets add an infielder and an outfielder.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are already sitting 12 games in the NL West, and two of their most interesting players that could be available include the corner fielder. David peralta and third baseman Eduardo Escobar.

Peralta is an above average mid-bat who can play both corner positions. He won a Silver Slugger in ’18 and a Gold Glove in ’19. Peralta has had his fair share of injury issues, but produced an OPS of 0.819 during his eight-year Big League career.

Escobar is a guy who can bounce back in the infield, having spent time on third, shortstop and second of his career. After a bit of a declining 2020 campaign, he has completed 12 home runs and leads the league with 35 RBIs to start the 2021 season.

Although they might have to pay a bit so early, both guys should be able to be obtained at a relatively low price as Escobar is a free agent after this season and Peralta would only have a year at 7.5. million dollars on his current contract.

Athletic’s Tim Britton also recently mentioned Adam Frazier optional Pittsburgh Pirates. As we all know, the Pirates are still in the process of rebuilding. Like Peralta, Frazier would come with one more year of control.

Frazier has been on fire for being the 2021 season and would make an intriguing addition to the top of this roster. He leads the league with 61 hits and has produced a .335 / .396 / .462 slash with a 138 OPS + so far this season.

He also has experience in all field positions, second base, third and shortstop during his career.

Two other external fields to consider are Grégory Polanco and Robbie Grossman, and on the inner side of things Niko Goodrum, Freddy galvis, or maybe even Ryan McMahon of the Colorado Rockies might make sense.

Whichever route they decide to take, like I said, the Mets are probably going to have to pay for any trade so early in the season, but unfortunately that’s the position they are in right now. . Whether it’s a big splash or some other small movement, I have a feeling we’ll see some kind of addition sooner rather than later.

Potential additions for injury-filled New York Mets



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