Porsche builds fully electric Macan, scheduled for 2023 – fr

Porsche builds fully electric Macan, scheduled for 2023 – fr

Porsche will launch its all-new all-electric Macan in 2023. Prototypes have started to be tested on public roads. Before launch, they will do two million kilometers. Michael Steiner, director of engineering for Porsche, spoke about the car to TopGear.com.
About the styling, he says: “It will look like a typical Porsche and meet your expectations of an electric vehicle. It is a typical Macan but much more modern and sporty.

Shots of deliberate escape show a car with a wedge-shaped hood line, sitting lower than the headlights. He can pull this 911-like trick because there is no engine underneath. The lamps themselves are shallow, like those of the Taycan. Like that shovel nose, a tapered fastback is obviously going to be good for aero.

Ignore the faux chrome window line on the back. It’s just a disguise. The same goes for the big rear bumper and – durr – fake exhaust tips.

We’re asking about specs, but he prefers to talk about impressions first. “He’ll drive like a Porsche. It will look like a Porsche, feel like a Porsche, and it will have the soul of a Porsche. “

Specifically, he says, “It will have everything the current Macan has for performance technology plus the high-end electrical technology of the Taycan.” A useful technical drawing shows the four-wheel drive and air springs. With low batteries, you should expect the E Macan to perform well in the corners.

E Macan is the working name, Steiner says. They did not install on the production badge. But it will be about the size of a Macan and not much more expensive than the price of Macan.

It does not use combustion car platform, nor Taycan’s J1 platform or VW Group MEB. It has a new electric platform called PPE which will be shared with the Audi A6 e-tron and others. He says Audi and Porsche both contributed to their best attributes. “On our side, those are the best genes for a sports car and fast charging.”

Steiner confirms that he will use 800V electrical circuits, as with the Taycan. This allows for super-fast charging – more than the Taycan’s 270 kW. It also means high levels of regenerative braking for better efficiency as speeds up and down. In other words, when you drive like a Porsche, not on highways at constant speed.

Audi has said that the battery capacities of its PPE cars reach 100 kWh, and Steiner confirms that Porsche shares this.

Of course, there won’t be just one battery or one power version. “We will have a typical Porsche model lineup, including a high-end high-performance variant [doubtless called Turbo]. At the bottom of the range, for more efficiency, the two-wheel drive deserve a reflection. “

So I’m asking how big the capacity and battery life will be. Or will there be a sweet spot when the chargers get closer and get more powerful? “It will be different for different brands of cars. At Porsche, weight plays a major role. This is not the solution to add kilograms to the range. Our main goal is to reduce the weight and the charging times of our current 20 minutes. We are convinced that the road infrastructure must be improved. We plan to increase the range slightly but we are not aiming for the world championship. “

Large batteries also mean that the car is carrying charges of lithium that its owner will rarely use. He says it takes more energy in mining and makes the car less efficient, so the break-even point of CO2 in its lifecycle, compared to a gasoline-powered car, will be further away.

The original Macan remains Porsche’s biggest seller. It might not look old, but it is – it’s been around since 2013. So, says Steiner, “before the electric Macan in 2023, we’ll invest in updating the existing one”.

This Macan facelift will then be sold side by side with the electric. “So customers and regulators can choose. We don’t know how quickly the switch will happen in different regions. “

There will be no PHEV version of the revised combustion Macan. It’s just for the Cayenne and the Panamera, Steiner says. Across the Porsche lineup, half of Porsche’s sales will be electric or hybrid electric vehicles by 2025, he adds. Since the 911 and 718 do not have a mains cable, this means that a very large proportion of the four-door and SUVs will be PHEV (Panamera and Cayenne) or EV (Taycan and Macan).

It should add business, Steiner says. “More than half of Taycan’s customers are new to the brand. But some have a Porsche and have kept it. We look forward to the same with the E Macan. “

Photo: Michael Steiner and the Porsche E Macan


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