Popular tech brands took off from Amazon following ‘fake reviews’ report – fr

Popular tech brands took off from Amazon following ‘fake reviews’ report – fr

For years, Amazon has suffered from fake product reviews.

The online retail giant has strict anti-fake review policies that prohibit sellers and manufacturers of products from paying people to write reviews on a certain product. However, many salespeople are able to fly under the radar. Several tech brands have been removed from Amazon, possibly as part of a ban on fake reviews.

Amazon’s policy states that suppliers are not permitted to provide refunds or refunds for product reviews, to use third-party websites that offer free or discounted products in exchange for reviews, or to create fake accounts to rate their own products. However, these rules are not often followed, which has led to the growing popularity of fake review detection software, such as Fakespot and ReviewMeta.

Last week, SafetyDetectives released a report on a large database it found containing communications between Amazon sellers and buyers. The leaked data highlighted examples of messages from vendors requesting product reviews, as well as strategies used to bypass Amazon’s automatic detection (adding a video, waiting a few days after purchase, etc. ).

Amazon has already withdrawn products from many big tech brands, potentially in response to SafetyDetectives’ report.

Aukey and Mpow are among the companies that have had their products removed from Amazon, although a few listings of their devices remain from third-party sellers. Aukey was found to include a note in the packaging of each of its products, guaranteeing $ 100 for an ‘honest review’, while no details emerged as to why Mpow’s listings were taken down. .

In a statement made to Critique, an Amazon spokesperson said, “We work hard to create a great experience for our customers and sellers and take steps to protect them from those who threaten their experience in our store. We have systems and processes to detect suspicious behavior, and we have teams that investigate and take action quickly. “

Image Credit: SafetyDetectives

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