Pop Smoke murdered by 15-year-old for his diamond Rolex, detective testifies – fr

Pop Smoke murdered by 15-year-old for his diamond Rolex, detective testifies – fr

Pop Smoke, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, was one of the fastest rappers in recent memory when he was murdered in February 2020 at the age of 20. Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon spinning off radio hit after radio hit. His death was a huge loss to hip-hop, and the details of the new police testimony make it even more tragic.

Five people were arrested last summer in connection with Pop Smoke’s death. At the time, police said masked intruders stormed his Airbnb in Los Angeles and shot him down. As the New York Daily News According to reports, LAPD detective Carlos Camacho said on Friday that the gunman was 15 years old.

Camacho testified – at a preliminary hearing for a separate suspect in the investigation, Corey Walker, 20, who is defended by former OJ Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden – the attackers targeted Pop Smoke with the intention to steal the diamond. –They had seen him wearing a Rolex in social media posts, which they then sold for $ 2,000. Detective said Pop Smoke was taking a shower when the suspects entered his Airbnb at 4 a.m. and complied with their requests at first, but was shot when he walked away. rushed at the suspects. Camacho said the suspected gunman and Walker, who was waiting in a car outside, confessed to the murder in secretly taped conversations with informants in prison.

It’s always wise to be skeptical of the official police account, but it’s also worth noting that Camacho testified under oath here. If this is how it turned out, it makes an already sad story even more terrible.


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