Poll in France The release of the Czech accomplice of Senate secretary Singbeh is underway – fr

Poll in France The release of the Czech accomplice of Senate secretary Singbeh is underway – fr

According to credible information reaching the Daily Observer newspaper, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is investigating the decision to release from the custody of the security agency in the Republic of France one of the two nationals of the Czech Republic, Karel Sochor, wanted for prosecution in Liberia. Sochor is the former Consul General of the Czech Republic in Liberia.

The French authorities therefore took the decision to release Sochor after he presented a copy of a police authorization dated August 4, 2020, which was allegedly issued to him by the Interpol section of the Liberian National Police (LNP). , ridding him of all criminal offenses during his stay in Liberia.

The Deputy Police Commissioner for Interpol Affairs in Liberia, Theresa Grandoe, according to the document in the possession of the Daily Observer, had already admitted to having authorized the issuance of the authorization to Sochor.

However, DCP Grandoe claimed that she was not aware of the existence of an arrest order issued in 2019 by Criminal Court “C” of the Temple of Justice in Sochor with Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh. and others accused of having committed several criminal and other offenses. scams while employed by a Czech Republic-owned company, MHM Eko Liberia Incorporated.

Surprisingly, on September 10, 2019 and July 20, 2020, the Kakata Magistrates’ Court in Margibi County and the “C” Criminal Court of the Temple of Justice issued separate arrest orders against Sochor and these demands were made. been approved by senior officers of the Liberian National. Police (LNP) with code names: 100, 102, 105, 109, 117; and 142 appending their respective signatures to two separate documents.

The September 10 claim was brought against Sochor by the Kakata Magistrates’ Court in Margibi County, where he and Singbeh were indicted for allegedly duping the same NHM Eko Liberia Incorporated.

Sochor is wanted in Liberia because he was the managing director, while Singbeh is the former chairman and chairman of the board, as well as a 30% shareholder in the company.

But Miloschewsky brothers Pavel and Martins, both Czech nationals and majority shareholders of the company, accused Singbeh and Sochor of embezzling more than US $ 4 million as well as several trucks, machinery and equipment valued at over 1,500,000 US dollars and which the company had majority shareholders invested in its operations. The company operated in Seeke Town, District # 4, Margibi County.

Prior to the issuance of the authorization, a call log in the possession of the Daily Observer newspaper shows that between April and July 2020, there was a series of telephone conversations between Singbeh and DCP Grandoe.

It is not clear if this was the reason why Grandoe issued the police clearance for Sochor, who she said requested it, despite Sochor being out of the country when the authorization was issued to him contrary to the police authorization process.

The standard rules applied to police clearance are that no one, whether a citizen or a foreigner, can apply for a police clearance in absentia, which means that they cannot issue authorization to persons outside the country.

The reason for this is that the applicant must be in the country to conduct a criminal record investigation, subsequently if found without a criminal record then such a person may be allowed to do their fingerprints.

Another interesting issue that the investigation will address is the communication exchanges between the Deputy Minister of Legal Affairs at the Department of Justice (MoJ), the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) and the Department of Labor (MoL) regarding the legal status of Sochor’s residence in Sochor. Liberia prior to issuance of police clearance.

On August 20, 2020, just sixteen days after DCP Grandoe issued the authorization to Sochor, Minister Wesseh wrote to LIS requesting details of Sochor’s residence in the country.

LIS, in response to Minister Wesseh’s concern on October 2, 2020, informed the minister that it could not trace the Sochor records because Sochor only entered the country with a tourist visa in 2014 and there is no record of how he left the country.

At the same time, the Department of Labor, in its response to Minister Wesseh, dated October 1, 2020, said Solchor had not obtained a work permit as required by law for a non-Liberian citizen to work. in the country. Surprisingly, Singbeh appointed Sochor to the post of Managing Director of MHM Eko Liberia Incorporated.


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