Police issue tickets during COVID protest (update, 3 photos) – fr

Police issue tickets during COVID protest (update, 3 photos) – fr

A protest against COVID-19 restrictions on Saturday afternoon saw city police at the scene handing out tickets at Bellevue Park

Sault Ste. Officers from the Marie Police Department fined protesters gathered on Saturday at a Stand For Freedom rally in Bellevue Park.

Participants gathered at 12 p.m. in the northeast corner of the park, near the intersection of Queen Street East and Lake Street, to express their displeasure with government and public health COVID-19 measures such as the masks, social distancing and lockdowns.

Unlike a similar rally held at the same location on April 30, which drew over 100 people (as reported earlier by SooToday), Saturday’s event was smaller, with around 30-40 people gathered, many of them in spaced groups.

Although the rally was peaceful, a group of at least 10 protesters approached two Sault police liaison officers at the scene around 2 p.m., apparently willing to receive fines when told by one of the speakers of the event that a colleague had received an assignment.

Three other police officers from Sault quickly arrived to impose fines.

It is not yet known how many fines have been imposed.

Protesters rallied on April 30 and Saturday despite warnings from Sault Police and Algoma Public Health (APH) not to do so.

Under Ontario’s Emergency Management and Emergency Preparedness Act (LMCPA), such gatherings are not currently permitted.

Participants in such events may receive a minimum fine of $ 750.

Anyone who organizes such an event can receive a minimum fine of $ 10,000.


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