Phillip Schofield attacks Dominic Cummings, “dishonest” –

Phillip Schofield attacks Dominic Cummings, “dishonest” – fr

Phillip Schofield lambasted Dominic Cummings for his honesty about his “trip to Barnard Castle” after the former senior official’s scathing attack on the government.

On Wednesday, May 26, Cummings appeared before a joint parliamentary committee, where he made a series of shocking claims about the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, including that the government’s lockdown plan included a section on “who are we not saving? “

Cummings also apologized for the unfolding of his infamous trip to the tourist destination, saying, “I am extremely sorry for all of this,” explaining that he was trying to resolve safety issues at the time and did not. not told the “full story”.

During the first lockdown, Cummings came under heavy criticism after claiming he traveled to the town of Barnard Castle to test his eyesight before a longer trip, having previously been ill with coronavirus.

In Thursday’s edition of This Morning, Schofield called out the fact that Cummings had not told the whole truth at the time, after guest Beverley Turner said that Cummings “himself said he had to be more transparent, ”adding,“ A lot of this confusion and mistrust might not have happened if they had been more honest from the start.

“Too bad he wasn’t a little more honest about his trip to Barnard Castle, but we’ll get to that in a moment,” replied Schofield.

Schofield searches Cummings after the headline testimony (Photo: ITV)

Last March, Cummings drove his family to Durham to stay on a property on his parents’ land after his wife fell ill, suspecting he could become ill as well.

Having developed symptoms of coronavirus, Cummings was cleared in April to return to work.

However, before returning to London from Durham, he drove 30 miles to Barnard Castle to supposedly test his eyesight before making the longer trip to the capital, when the country was in lockdown.

Before jibing about Cummings, Schofield explained that before Cummings testified, there were people who said “this is a story that’s going to stay in Westminster”, saying they weren’t ‘Sure that someone is going to be disturbed around the country’.

“And then you get this ax work that continued,” he said.

Cummings made a series of shocking revelations (Photo: EPA)

Later in the segment, Matthew Wright – who appeared as a guest during a video chat – said that “you think someone should be held accountable” for handling the pandemic, although a investigation does not take place until next year.

Schofield said he said “whatever the government” was in power, it was “going to be awkward.”

Whatever government he is in when this thing strikes, if it has never happened before, including Cummings and the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary, will he not awkwardly until you figure out what’s going on at the? ‘ he said.

Following Cummings’ testimony, several people on social media pointed out that they could see Benedict Cumberbatch playing the political strategist for the second time to describe the series of events.

Cumberbatch first played Cummings in the 2019 Channel 4 drama Brexit: The Uncivil War.

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