Philadelphia mentioned as dark horse candidate for Julio Jones trade –

Philadelphia mentioned as dark horse candidate for Julio Jones trade – fr

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Julio Jones landing spots: NFL insider breaks down top teams from favored teams to land WR star – CBS Sports
Eagles. If you’re looking for a dark horse outside of these teams, I’ve seen the Eagles around 10-1, and you can never count them on that kind of move. This division doesn’t have a monster team, and although they retool a bit under the guidance of a rookie head coach, they are still eager to do trades to add talent. Yes, they just drafted an Alabama WR in the first round, but the owner has always been a big spender and they already have a huge draft assembled over the next few years which makes it easier to split up in a situation like this. this. [BLG Note: I don’t see the Eagles outbidding other teams for Julio.]

Here’s what we know about Julio Jones’ business possibilities after a day of revelations – the Falcoholic
Again, this is a big question. Jonathan Jones reports that the Falcons won’t be motivated to move Julio for less than a 2nd round pick, and they would obviously like to get more than that. It just takes a team with a burning desire to make a splash for their offense and fan base to raise that price tag, and here I’m looking closely at the Broncos and Raiders in particular. If this team isn’t desperate to move it – and unless there’s something deep and deeply wrong here that we’re not aware of, they probably aren’t – then it could go on forever. . Julio is 32 and expensive this year, but he’s still Julio Jones, and despite his injuries last year, I haven’t seen any evidence that his skills are dulling significantly. The teams gave up a lot more for a lot less, and ultimately a team that really wants him to figure out a 2nd and potentially another pick or player. The question is whether the Falcons will be able to create enough market to secure this deal, as they obviously haven’t so far.

Julio Jones says he wants to leave Atlanta in live TV phone call with Shannon Sharpe – SB Nation
Instead of dancing with “sources familiar with the situation,” Shannon went straight to Julio like that wasn’t a big deal, and bluntly asked him if he wanted to play for the Cowboys or stay in Atlanta. The answer won’t make Falcons fans happy. “I’m away (from Atlanta). I want to win. I don’t even know if Julio knew he was on live TV, which made the whole situation even more intriguing. Of course, Sharpe had to strike it out a bit for Dallas to be that possible landing point, saying he wouldn’t win anything with the Cowboys. I’m not sure that’s really fair, but I mean… it’s kind of Dallas to prove they can get back to the Super Bowl at this point.

Monday Football Monday # 38: « I’m Out of There » – Julio Jones – The SB Nation NFL Show
RJ Ochoa and Pete Sweeney document the Julio Jones saga before reacting mid-show to new audio of Julio saying “I’m out of here” on live TV!

Eagles rookie profile: 6 things to know about Patrick Johnson – BGN
2) What are its strengths? There isn’t a ton to work out with him. He is a technically solid player who uses excellent technique to reach the ball carrier. If he rushes the passer, he frequently changes things so that the tackle he’s facing doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Johnson has plenty of power in his frame and is a master at using his hands to get out of blocks or around offensive tackles. If he gets a punch, he usually has an advantage right away.

On the podium: Ryan Kerrigan reveals jersey number – BGN Radio
Ryan Kerrigan spoke to the Philly media on Monday afternoon on a variety of topics including what brought him to join the Eagles, his relationship with Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham and he even revealed the jersey number he it will take to Philly.

Where are the deep, and not so deep, Eagles after 2021 NFL Draft: Offense edition – PhillyVoice
Are the Eagles in good shape here compared to the rest of the league? There aren’t many teams in the NFL that would trade their wide receiver set for the Eagles. Even with the juice and excitement DeVonta Smith will bring to the attack, they’re still likely a bottom-five group on paper.

Lay the Basics – Iggles Blitz
We heard from Jalen Hurts last week. His comments show you that he is a good fit for Sirianni and what he wants. Hurts is not afraid of competition. He doesn’t want to give her anything. New coaches want to win. They know this list is flawed, so they try to be smart and see this as a building year more than a rival year. Coaches are trying to lay the foundation for the future. The goal is to install the new patterns and build the right culture. And go compete. Sirianni will push this team to win games, but a tough season won’t be the end of the world if the team is headed in the right direction. You need to see the big picture. The more I see and hear this coaching staff, the more I believe in them. The real test will be how the team plays, of course, but I’m starting to understand the coaches and what they want. It really feels like there is a lot more cohesion this year than there was in 2020.

2021 NFL Draft Process Ranking “Haul” – NBC Sports Edge
NFL Draft: In a successful trade in March, Philly took over San Francisco’s 2022 R1 from 1.6 to 1.12 with the idea that they could still get one of Alabama’s receivers in the this niche. The Eagles ended up having to trade with the Cowboys at 1.10 to jump the Giants to secure DeVonta Smith. Turns out they were right that New York took Smith. Landon Dickerson will start for a decade if his body conforms. I was a big fan of three of the following four Eagles picks, getting good value for money over iDL Milton Williams, RB Kenneth Gainwell and iDL Marlon Tuipulotu. UDFA: My highest-ranked undrafted quarterback Jamie Newman ranked as PFF’s No.6 ranked quarterback on throws over 10 yards from the field and No.2 (behind Trevor Lawrence) on Throwing classified over 20 yards in 2019. He may have been an R2 pick in the draft had been Georgia’s starting QB in 2020, but Newman withdrew after the pandemic struck. Awosika was a three-year-old starter at OT who will launch indoors due to lack of length. He has been one of the MAC’s best racing blocking tackles over the past three seasons.

Edge Defender rankings: top 32 players entering 2021 NFL season – PFF
14. Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles. Graham is a player whose sacks total at the end of his career won’t do justice to how disruptive he was as a pass-rusher. Since 2014, Graham has tied for 16th in sack total, but only Khalil Mack, Cameron Jordan and Von Miller have registered more pressure than Graham (445). Pair that with a record 88 tackles for loss or no win against the run over the same length of time and you have one of the most complete defenders in the game.

How good can Miles Sanders really be? – NBCSP
The question with Sanders is really how good can he be and how consistent can he be? Can he go from very good to excellent? Can he be the type of player the Eagles can count on for steady production week after week? Can he stay healthy enough to give the Eagles a full season or close to it? We have seen some great games. We have seen great plays. We’ve seen signs that Sanders is something special. We just haven’t seen it often enough or regularly enough. It’s Year 3, and it’s a big year for Sanders. His rookie contract only runs until 2022, so the time when the Eagles will have to make a decision on his future is not so far away. Can he go from very good to elite?

2021 Giants roster profile: RB Corey Clement – Big Blue View
There does not appear to be a place on the 53-man roster for the three of Brightwell, Armstead and Clement. There will be a lot of factors involved in whether or not Clement makes the list of 53 players. Barkley’s health. Armstead’s recovery after a lost season against COVID-19. Brightwell’s readiness. Clément’s ball safety. Right now, with no access to practice to see what the players look like or how they’re used, I guess Clement is on the squad. His role, however, would be a small part behind Barkley, Booker, and possibly even Armstead. If Brightwell and Armstead both impress this summer, Clement could be a strange man.

Here’s what the Dallas Cowboys looked like the last time Phil Mickelson won a major championship – Blogging The Boys
Mickelson became the oldest player to win a major championship in golf history at the age of 50. He was in the midst of a nine-year drought when it came to majors and hadn’t won that specific event for 16 years. . As we did when Tiger Woods won the Masters in 2019, we thought it would be fun to look back at the state of the Dallas Cowboys the last time Mickelson won the PGA Championship which was took place in August 2005, but by the way it was the same thing. the year of Tiger’s last victory at Augusta. Oops. In the spirit of mixing things up, we’ll look at the Cowboys squad from the last time Mickelson won a major championship overall (before Sunday obviously) which was the Open Championship in 2013.

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