Philadelphia Eagles hire Muslim woman Ameena Soliman to scout –

Philadelphia Eagles hire Muslim woman Ameena Soliman to scout – fr

She won the job, not the hate.

She won the job, not the hate.
Screenshot: Twitter: NFL / Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles announced several hires on Twitter yesterday, including the addition of an Ameena Soliman as a scout.

Nothing to see here, just a normal post detailing a new hire, and – oh. Oh my God no …

Now, I’m all for making fun of a team’s hiring decisions, but never without merit. If it’s a bad hire, it’s a bad hire – but you must have a better reason to dislike a hiring decision rather than just, “Oh, they can’t be good at their job because they don’t look like what i expect from them. Wow, you really got them with that one. What an incredible assessment. She can’t understand football because she is * hiccup * a woman and * BIGGER GASP * a Muslim!

G / O Media can get a commission

Yeah, Soliman is both and more than deserved his new job with the Eagles. According to her LinkedIn Profile, Soliman has not only worked in football for several years, she has specifically worked in staffing and / or recruiting roles since attending university. Whether she creates recruiting committees and ensures player eligibility for Temple University, or tracks player transactions and prepares salary reports for the National Football League, she has Always been responsible for closely examining individual players – a skill that will obviously serve him well as a professional. Scout.

And if you don’t believe those roles set her up correctly to be a Boy Scout, she’s also been a scout assistant and player personnel coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles since May 2019. These are the same positions people like the San Francisco 49ers College scout Ryan Kessenich detained before getting his first job as a regional scout for the Kansas City Chiefs. And the position of Suleiman’s player personnel coordinator with the Eagles before he became a professional recruiter, was exactly the same position as the Philadelphia director of scouting operations, Casey Weidl, had before handing over the role to Soliman.

It’s an unfortunate irony displayed by these Philly fans (by the way, I’m not saying all Philly fans, just those turd flowers). I’m sure those same reviewers were screaming, “You should hire on merit, not race!” when the NFL announced changes to the Rooney rule one year ago. And unfortunately, I agree with them – to some extent. Experience and merit should almost always come before meeting token standards, and Soliman’s hiring appears to be based entirely on merit.

No one deserves to have their ability to conduct business judged by their appearance. If you’re an Eagles fan and you’re having a problem with this hire, you should be excited. Maybe with the addition of Soliman to the squad, the Eagles won’t draft another JJ Arcega-Whiteside in the second round or Jalen Reagor in the first round of the draft. Maybe these Twitter warriors will look beyond their team’s scouting appearance and appreciate them for what they can add to the Eagles’ organization.


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