Peter Crouch answers YOUR questions about Chelsea vs Man City, Edinson Cavani, Wayne Rooney and more – fr

Peter Crouch answers YOUR questions about Chelsea vs Man City, Edinson Cavani, Wayne Rooney and more – fr

The season is reaching its watershed and questions keep coming for Peter Crouch to answer.

This week, the resident Sportsmail columnist tackles Wayne Rooney’s managerial career and Edinson Cavani’s future – but he starts by praising Thomas Tuchel.

Chelsea of ​​Thomas Tuchel (left) beat Manchester City of Pep Guardiola on Saturday night

What does Chelsea need to do to close the gap with Manchester City next season?

Charlie Smith par e-mail

Another transfer window, Charlie. If Chelsea can get a top-notch center-back, one of the best, it would give him a huge chance next season. Thomas Tuchel has taken over a very good team but they are still behind City by the minute, for all the progress they have made.

I can’t wait to see the next steps Tuchel and Chelsea take as I was bowled over by the impact he had. I’m so impressed and no one in Europe would want to play them in their current form.

They put a scorer for the Champions League final on Saturday. City won’t be playing the lineup they used over the weekend of May 29, but it will be on their minds the damage Chelsea can do in a single game.

If you gave me a free bet on this outcome, I would back Chelsea at the respective odds.

Tuchel’s side are at a top-notch defensive signing far from being serious contenders

Agreement or no agreement for Edinson Cavani?

Aaron Hodge by email

Deal, Aaron! Treat all day. When Cavani signed last fall, someone asked me if he would end up going down the same path as Radamel Falcao, who had a disappointing time at Old Trafford after signing as a free agent in 2014.

It feels like United have become a retirement home for older players, but I thought it was disrespectful to pin that on Cavani. I have always loved him and he has proven how an exceptional striker he is with eight goals in his last seven games.

This idea that he has surpassed his best is nonsense. I hear people say that Harry Kane is “old” at 27, for goodness sake.

You can see Cavani looking after himself. He is leading by example and he is able to continue to contribute for United. They have to tie it to another agreement.

Edinson Cavani has been brilliant and Manchester United must tie him to new deal

Is Wayne Rooney wasting his time or can he really improve in Derby?

Matt Jones by email

He’s not wasting his time, Matt. It’s a good starting point for him and one should not underestimate how valuable the experience of the last six months has been. You don’t just land yourself in a top position in the Premier League. You have to win it and Saturday’s draw with Sheffield Wednesday was important to him.

Wayne will have gone through all kinds of emotions in this 3-3 draw. His record as a player is second to none, but he would have been terrified to have relegated to his CV so early as a manager. He convinced the result that his team and his club needed. Strangely enough, I was actually a little envious of him this weekend. No other profession can take you on the emotional journey that football takes and the liberation you get when you meet a big goal is second to none.

Wayne was always going to be a manager. It will progress from here.

Derby is a great place for Wayne Rooney to start as a manager and he's won a lot there.

Derby is a great place for Wayne Rooney to start as a manager and he’s won a lot there.

Now Gareth Southgate has three more choices, how should he use them?

Julian Walters by email

On the one hand, Julian, Gareth will be relieved to have some leeway. It is now possible to include players such as Jordan Henderson and Jack Grealish, who have had injuries despite being sidelined in recent months.

It’s possible to call another striker and I spoke last week about the progress of Ollie Watkins. He’s more likely to be included now ahead of Patrick Bamford, who can’t expect to come in after not being called up to any meeting this season.

But I don’t think having 26 players is a good thing and I understand Gareth’s reservations. I’ve been in tournaments with guys who know they won’t get playing time and their attitude is different from those who know they are starting – 26 is too much.

Gareth Southgate's reservations about enlarged Euro 2020 squad are understandable

Gareth Southgate’s reservations about enlarged Euro 2020 squad are understandable

Who has the biggest rebuilding job – Arsenal or Tottenham?

Jade Craddock par e-mail

Good question, Jade. If Son Heung-min and Harry Kane left Tottenham this summer (I don’t think that will happen) it would be a huge challenge for my old club to try and start moving forward. Replacing two world-class players in a window would be next to impossible.

But I’m watching Arsenal and I’m really worried. I was working in the Emirates on Sunday night and there was a police cordon outside the stadium when I arrived, preparing for further protests. I couldn’t have more respect for Arsenal but I wonder where they are going.

I appreciate that some people feel like I’m stepping back into the dark ages when I talk about the Invincibles, but this team, to me, was everything Arsenal should stand for: tough, uncompromising but brilliant and beautiful with it. They don’t have any of these qualities at the minute.

Look at the men who have been captains in recent years? Laurent Koscielny refused to come back when he had the armband to be able to move!

I don’t see much of what Arsenal once stood for in the current squad. They have their work cut out for them to come back.

Arsenal and Tottenham are both struggling but Gunners slide is really worrying

Arsenal and Tottenham are both struggling but Gunners slide is really worrying

Do teams really put on their flip flops when they have nothing to play?

Ed Chapman by email

No one does this on purpose, Ed. But it’s human nature to slow down a bit when you’ve achieved a goal, like winning a title or getting a promotion – watch Liverpool’s little decline last season after they became champions.

This is the time of year when you get weird results, but it has nothing to do with gamers consciously trying less.

Gone are the days of guys going out to party the last week of the season – there has been a complete culture change in football in the last decade.

Do Liverpool still have a chance to finish in the top four?

Liam W via Twitter

They couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, Liam. At first I thought West Ham was the dark horse for fourth, but Sunday’s loss to Everton opened it up and Liverpool will see an opportunity.

Leicester’s showdown is fraught with difficulties – games against Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham – and Liverpool are back in the picture thanks to their 2-0 win over Southampton.

West Ham appear to have the easiest race but if Liverpool beat United at Old Trafford on Thursday – this is the game that holds the key to everything – it would take a brave man to bet against them. It is Leicester to lose but the peloton is closed.

If Liverpool can beat Manchester United, it will be difficult to bet against them for the top four

If Liverpool can beat Manchester United, it will be difficult to bet against them for the top four

Trash cans for tactical fouls – what do you think?

Gavin Lee via Twitter

No, Gavin. I cannot agree with you on this point and I would never want to see them. Football is football – let’s not turn it into rugby or ice hockey. We’ve had too many rule changes that have ruined things in recent years. Let’s not add more.

Realistically, can Leeds become European contenders next season?

Forg 90 via Twitter

Why not, sorry? I love watching Leeds play and they were superb on Saturday, fully deserving of their victory over Tottenham.

They will only get better with experience and I hope they will quickly sort out manager Marcelo Bielsa’s future and sign a contract extension.

What could work in their favor is to be outside of Europe. While others have busy schedules, Leeds can attack the top six well. They have shown that they are capable of facing the best sides. Everything is in front of them.

Until next week, stay safe and healthy.


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