Pete Davidson explains his tattoo removal – fr

Pete Davidson explains his tattoo removal – fr

“Burning them is worse than getting them. “

As you may or may not know, Pete Davidson is currently having several of his over 100 tattoos removed.

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That’s a lot of tattoos, Pete.

On the one hand, Pete didn’t think he would ever make movies – like Roi de Staten Island and The suicide squad. “I didn’t think they would put me into stuff – like the movies. I thought after SNL, it’s a movie, ”Pete joked. “People don’t realize, I’m a little old – I’m 27, but in Hollywood it’s like 40.”


Side note: this is quite the ‘stache out there.

So, the main reason Pete decided to get a laser tattoo was because of the time it took to cover them up for the movies. “It takes about three hours – you have to get there three hours early to cover all of your tattoos, because for some reason people in the movies don’t have them very much,” he added.

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“Burning them is worse than getting them,” he continued. “Because not only do they burn your skin, but you wear those big glasses, don’t you? there with you.

” Before [the doctor] laser every tattoo, you have to hear it announce what the tattoo is to make sure you want to keep it or not, ”Pete explained. “I’ll just be sitting at the top of the Pro-Nox – which is actually pretty funny, I like it – and then suddenly I’ll just hear, ‘Are we keeping the Stewie Griffin from smoking a blunt? ? ‘And then I have to sit there and say’ No, Dr G. ‘ “

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“It’s really embarrassing. Do we keep the owl licking the Tootsie Pop? ”

As for what he learned, Pete shared a moving tip: “If you’re going to get a tattoo, just make sure you really, really want it – and don’t take mushrooms.”

Well said, Pete. Well said.

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