Person dead in shooting at Vancouver International Airport in Canada, police looking for suspects – RT World News – fr

Person dead in shooting at Vancouver International Airport in Canada, police looking for suspects – RT World News – fr

    La police canadienne recherche des suspects ou des suspects après qu'une personne a été abattue en plein jour à l'extérieur du terminal principal de l'aéroport international de Vancouver à Richmond, en Colombie-Britannique.

</p><div><p><em>«Un homme a été tué par balle cet après-midi près du terminal de départ national [of the Vancouver International Airport].  Disponibilité des médias plus tard ce soir à Richmond, »</em> L'équipe canadienne d'enquête intégrée sur les homicides (IHIT) a tweeté dimanche.
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        <span class="read-more-big__title">Un suspect d'identité de la police de New York lors d'une fusillade à Times Square, a déclaré qu'il avait l'intention de tirer sur son frère quand une fille de 4 ans et deux femmes ont été frappées</span>
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The statement followed reports that police and paramedics responded to a shooting incident at the airport. It was quickly announced that the situation had been contained.

Airport officials assured that the airport was “Open and secure” and that the flights were operational.

However, while the scene was declared no longer active, the suspect (s) apparently managed to escape the police, with reports indicating that they fired shots at police officers as their vehicle sped past.

Local media have published images of a burnt-out vehicle in Surrey which they claim is the suspects’ getaway car.

Media speculation suggested Sunday’s incident was linked to gang crime, with reports claiming the shooting victim was a “Gang member. ”

Gang violence is on the rise in Metro Vancouver, with another high-profile local incident that described only a few posts on the IHIT Twitter page. A 22-year-old woman named Shana Harris was shot and killed in Surrey in February, and police said in April she believed she was “The involuntary victim of a targeted shooting” and not involved in a gang itself.

Canadian police have previously said there have been 15 gang-related murders in Metro Vancouver since the start of 2021.

“New groups have entered the gang landscape, which has led to more conflict,” Assistant Comm. Manny Mann, chief officer of the combined forces special unit, told media in late April.

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