Penguins fans are overflowing after Tristan Jarry’s Game 5 flub –

Penguins fans are overflowing after Tristan Jarry’s Game 5 flub – fr

I had to strategize around the Penguins games to know when to release “U mad, bro?” ” this week.

If I planned to post it in its regular Thursday morning slot, I would have to wait until the end of Wednesday night Game 6 between the Penguins and New York Islanders. And I should write my post-game column first.

If the pens lost, I would have to sift through the massive volume of responses from end-of-season anxious, gall-blading and foaming readers before I found the most representative collection of deranged emotions possible for “U mad, bro?” ” editing.

If Game 6 plays out like Game 5, it could take… years!

Worse – and save your hat for this one – what if the penguins… actually… won it?

I know. I know. It is far. But then everyone would be in a good mood. And my cranky mug that usually overflows can dry out.

Luckily for me (and you), a gift from the hockey gods fell on my knees: Tristan Jarry’s terrible playing error and a 3-2 double overtime loss for the Penguins in Game 5.

This means that there is a lot of frustration in meeting our usual high standards on Thursday on a Wednesday.

As the Penguins lost 3-2 in their first-round streak to the Islanders, here’s an all-hockey angry edition of “U mad, bro?”

A day earlier. But not too early.

Bill has a two-word answer for Tristan Jarry’s playoffs so far.

Damn it. And I thought I was harsh with my reference to “Neil O’Jarry”.

Josh Bailey tends to score enough against the Penguins on his own. Counting the playoffs, he has more goals (18) and points (51) against the Pens than any other team in his career.

He didn’t need any help from Jarry.

RR grew impatient with Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan.

« With higher stats in Game 5 – all but the final score – if Sullivan doesn’t change something for Game 6, he’s part of the problem, not the solution.. »

In terms of the list, I think car penguins dominated the way they did, that’s the exact reason you habit see changes, RR

Not a lot of stuff anyway.

When the whole team is playing well and the other team’s goalie steals it while your keeper blows it, who are you supposed to put on the bench? I mean, Freddy Gaudreau for Evan Rodrigues? Dark.

They kept the top line together in Game 5, and it was awesome. It just hasn’t marked enough. So, should Sullivan make the change people were asking for and raise Jeff Carter while demoting Bryan Rust now?

It seems backwards, doesn’t it?

The only thing Sullivan could change that would make sense is the goalie. And Casey DeSmith is not making the trip to New York due to an injury. Are you pulling Jarry in favor of Maxime Lagace? Keep in mind that this would be his playoff debut and just his third game since the start of 2018.

In terms of tactics, tell me what you specifically want Sullivan to change, and then I’ll tell you if he will or not.

Beyond all of that, the changes you’re looking for for the Penguins are unlikely to happen before the offseason. Then I bet we see a bunch of them.

Especially if this offseason starts on Thursday morning.

Shawn is just mad at the NHL playoffs in general.

« I’d rather watch a regular season full of fast skating, clean hockey and not worrying about the Cup than seeing the Penguins turn into a brawling team.

“The playoffs are a joke. They throw away the rules at the end of the regular season. »

Wait a minute. Are you telling me that the NHL has “rules” in the regular season?

Since when!? Can I get confirmation on this?

In fact, heading into Game 3, Chuck was feeling pretty optimistic.

Disagree, Chuck. At this rate, I would expect Ilya Sorokin to block the Penguins in Game 6. Then he will move north and intercept Ben Roethlisberger twice as a member of the Buffalo Bills during the opening of the Steelers season.

Alan knows who could have saved the Penguins in Game 5 against New York.

« They just lack snipers. (Phil) Kessel would have had a hat-trick.«

So how come he didn’t have any in any of the games against the Islanders in 2019 before being traded? Or goals from the last nine shots he’s won in the last three games of this series?

Let’s wrap up with this post from the comments section at the bottom of my column recapping Game 5. It comes from “WG”. He’s my favorite type of reader.

“WG” is your quintessential “why don’t these spoiled athletes come out looking for the job of a real man like me?” Kind of guy.

« Good! Too bad little millionaires. Go get a real job in the mines, sissies.«

Excellent hockey analysis, “WG”.

Saying what, if the pens force a 7 game, what about you and Sidney Crosby change jobs? Sid will take your shift in “the mines”. And you take Sid’s shift on the skates getting head-checked for two and a half hours by Scott Mayfield?

I imagine you will return to the “mines” before the ice crew stops for the first televised time-out.

Sissy hen.

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