PCR tests will be free for tourists visiting France this summer – fr

PCR tests will be free for tourists visiting France this summer – fr

PCR tests will be free for tourists visiting France this summer, European Affairs Minister Clément Beaune said yesterday (May 16).
The minister said it would be in France’s interest to provide the tests, as it would help the country remain one of the top destinations for tourists in Europe. “For us, it’s an economic consideration,” he said.

Mr. Beaune was addressing Europe 1-CNews-Les Echos on travel to Europe this summer, including PCR testing and the proposed European digital green certificate for travel.

The digital green certificate will help facilitate travel between European countries because it will contain information on the state of health of the passengers. To travel, passengers must have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have passed a negative PCR test at least 48 hours in advance.

PCR testing may also be required upon arrival in a destination country.

France to offer free tests to tourists, including owners of second homes

Mr Beaune said France would be one of the only European countries to make PCR testing free for tourists, including owners of second homes, visiting France.

In Sweden, PCR tests can cost up to € 300.

In the UK, people are not allowed to use the free PCR tests provided by the National Health Service for travel purposes. Instead, travelers to and from the UK should use tests provided by private companies with an average cost per test of £ 120.

In Spain, PCR tests can cost up to € 120, although the European Parliament has advised all EU countries to provide PCR tests for free.

Mr Beaune said: “I cannot say today if all countries will do this.”

The option of a fixed price for PCR tests in all EU countries is also being considered.

Mr Beaune’s office subsequently confirmed that it was too early to say to what extent France will open up to international tourism this summer, or how many tourists may be visiting France.

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