Paul Ryan enters GOP civil war by criticizing Trump’s grip on party –

Paul Ryan enters GOP civil war by criticizing Trump’s grip on party – fr

Ryan, a critic of the former president in the past, is expected to tell the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., That Republicans should steer clear of “the populist appeal of a personality” because “so we will not go everywhere. “

“Once again, we Conservatives are at a crossroads. And here’s a reality we have to face: If the conservative cause depends on the populist appeal of a second-rate personality or imitations, then we’re not going anywhere. Voters looking for Republican leaders want to see independence and courage, ”Ryan should say.

Although Ryan does not mention Trump by name in his criticism, the expected remarks from the Republican running mate in 2012 will add him to a growing list of establishment Republicans who publicly oppose him. Trump’s grip on the party. Like-minded Republicans, including Ryan’s predecessor John Boehner, lamented the party’s current leadership, which has actively berated and ostracized members who have taken Trump and his brand of populist and nativist politics.

The snippets indicate that Ryan plans to chart a course for the Republican Party in the Biden era. According to the snippets, the only time Ryan will refer to Trump by name is to congratulate him on how, in early 2020, the United States “saw incredibly powerful and inclusive economic growth,” though he did. suggests that more credit is due to Reagan-inspired politics rather than Trumpism.

“It was President Trump’s populism in action, attached to conservative principles,” he should say.

In his speech, he also plans to warn his fellow Conservatives about being drawn into cultural battles with the Democrats.

“As the left is waking up more and more, the rest of America is getting bored. It’s exhausting. And we, the Conservatives, have to be careful not to get caught up in every little cultural battle, ”he said. “Sometimes these skirmishes are just the creations of outraged hawkers, detached from reality and not worth anyone’s time. They are distracting from the much more important case we need to present to the American people. “

Ryan will also criticize President Joe Biden, saying he “pursues a more leftist agenda than any president in my life.”

“In 2020 the country wanted a nice guy who would move to the center and depolarize our politics. Instead, we got a nice guy pursuing a more leftist agenda than any president in my life. These policies could have the full approval of his progressive. supporters, but they are breaking the trust with the people in the middle of the road who made the difference for him on election day, ”he is expected to say.

Ryan, who decided to step down from Congress in 2018, has kept a relatively low profile since leaving Capitol Hill. He was considered a rising star of the Republican Party before facing high-level scrutiny from Democrats and Republicans over his relationship with Trump, with whom he occasionally clashed.

The Reagan Presidential Library is also set to host former Vice President Mike Pence and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this summer.


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