Paul Heyman pays touching tribute to New Jack – fr

Paul Heyman pays touching tribute to New Jack – fr

ECW “New Jack” legend Jerome Young passed away yesterday at the age of 58. Former ECW owner Paul Heyman closed Talking Smack this week with a moving tribute to the man.
“I was asked before the show aired if I wanted to say a few words about the passing of the original New Jack from ECW,” Heyman said. “And I avoid praise as best I can because whenever I’m faced with death the first thing that comes to my mind is’ hey, that sucks and there is no right twist that I can put in. ‘ ‘

Paul Heyman pays tribute to New Jack

“When I heard that New Jack had passed, I was hoping New Jack had turned to his wife and said ‘hey, I’d like to read my own obituary, call a bunch of people and tell them that I’m dead, then everyone’s gonna make a big fuss about it, then I’ll read my own life. And then at one point this weekend they were selling a bunch of T-shirts and he would just sit there and go “get you” because that’s what New Jack would do. And apparently it doesn’t, which sucks.

“Usually when we were paying homage to someone here in WWE we would show a lot of footage of that person and to be frank we can’t show you a lot of footage of New Jack because he was the performer on it. no longer PG. in the history of sports entertainment. Because New Jack was a gangsta. And everyone who was ECW fans, who came to see ECW, who watched ECW knew that from the moment his music hit and no, we were never allowed to use his music. Why? Because as an organization we were gangstas and New Jack was the most gangsta of all gangstas.

“It was over 20 years ago. Anyone who’s ever seen New Jack perform live, or heard him cut a promo, understood how real he was. Jerome Young was quite an individual. Deep in his heart, he was all he could offer New Jack.

“I wish you all a most extreme weekend, gangsta style. “

Tributes to New Jack

Here are some notable tributes to New Jack that have been rendered online:


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