Partial lunar eclipse potentially visible in the Peace region early Wednesday morning –

Partial lunar eclipse potentially visible in the Peace region early Wednesday morning – fr

“Unfortunately, from Alberta we will only be able to see part of the partial phases of the lunar eclipse. The total eclipse phase will occur when the sun is already in the sky, ”said Florian.
“The chances of seeing a red moon or a blood moon with this total lunar eclipse are very slim. Of course, if we have cloud cover, we won’t be able to see anything either. “

In case the cloud cover dissipates in some areas, Geoff Robertson, former president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Edmonton Center has drawn up a timeline of what the eclipse will look like in the Peace Region:

  • 02:47 – Beginning of the penumbra phase. This is where the Moon enters the Earth’s outer shadow. The Moon will take on a dark appearance as it sinks into the outer shadow. Many may not notice any difference in its appearance.
  • 03:44 – Start of the partial phase. The Moon enters the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow.
  • 5:11 a.m. – Totality begins. The Moon is entirely in the shadow of the Earth. Normally the Moon will take on an orange / copper hue due to sunlight refracting from Earth’s atmosphere and shining on the Moon.
  • 5:18 a.m. – Maximum eclipse. The Moon is as far away in shadow as it will be for this eclipse.
  • 5:25 – End of all. This is a very short lunar eclipse because the moon does not travel deep into the Umbra.
  • 5:29 am – Sunrise in Grande Prairie.
  • 5:39 am – Moonset.

Lunar eclipses can occur 2-3 times a year, but not all are total eclipses.

For those who want to wake up early to see the eclipse, Florian adds that lunar eclipses are safe to watch without eye protection.

“If you have binoculars or a telescope, this is a great way to watch lunar eclipses and watch as the eclipse progresses. You don’t need any special viewing equipment to observe a lunar eclipse at all. “

According to Florian, the next eclipse visible in Grande Prairie will be on November 19, which will be more favorable for people to see as it will be higher in the sky.


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