Pakistani hairdresser offers hair-raising cuts with cleavers and blowtorches – fr

Pakistani hairdresser offers hair-raising cuts with cleavers and blowtorches – fr

Lahore (Pakistan) (AFP)

Hoping to set himself apart from the competition, Pakistani barber Ali Abbas relies on an unusual array of tools to practice his craft – including blowtorches, meat grinders, and even broken glass.

Abbas’s bangs style is proving a hit in the conservative nation, with customers flocking to his store in the eastern city of Lahore.

In a typical cut, Abbas will take a bit of the upper hand with a blowtorch.

He adds a few layers using a cleaver and butcher’s block, while occasionally lightening a thicker mane with a bit of broken glass.

“I thought I had to do something different to attract more customers,” Abbas told AFP.

“At first I tried it on artificial hair, then – after doing it for a while – I used it on a client, and he liked it a lot. “

Since the first unveiling of his style in 2016 and after allaying customer fears, he says the unconventional approach has become successful.

Its popularity has only grown since then, resulting in TV appearances and fashion shoots.

“There was a really good response from my clients, who were pretty scared at first,” said Abbas, whose eccentric manner and his own poorly groomed, frizzy locks make him look like a mad scientist.

Abbas charges 2,000 rupees ($ 13) for the unorthodox treatment – or 1,000 rupees for a traditional garnish with scissors.

“I feel pretty relaxed and at ease,” said Ali Saqlain, as the barber carried a blowtorch to his head.

Abbas says he also enjoys a large number of female customers, to whom he charges an additional 500 rupees for extra style.

“I’ve had my hair cut three times at this salon,” said Arooj Bhatti.

“I prefer it to be done with a cleaver because my hair grows quickly afterwards,” she added.


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