Paddington 2 loses ‘best film of all time’ rank for Rotten Tomatoes –

Paddington 2 loses ‘best film of all time’ rank for Rotten Tomatoes – fr

The tyrant, dethroned.

The tyrant, dethroned.
photo: Rodin Eckenroth (Getty Images)

Paddington 2, the greatest film of all time, is no longer the greatest film of all time. It is by Hollywood journalist, who notes that Paul KingThe 2017 film – which was awarded its greatest film of all time by Rotten Tomatoes, the sole arbiter of true cinematic justice – has now declared the title just as quickly canceled. This, after a new notice has been added to the RT profile of the movie, going from 100% Certified Fresh (the freshest, and therefore the best, a movie can be) to 99% tasteless, just like that old smelly Citizen Kane.

Said review was written by reviewer Eddie Harrison, who recently posted his (really blistering) reflections on the film on his blog,, having previously shot it for BBC Radio shortly after the film’s release. We don’t want to put words in Harrison’s mouth, but he seems to have honestly hated the movie, comparing it negatively to the original. Paddington books and TV series, and describing Ben Whishaw’s vocal performance as “like a member of an indie pop group descended from a horrible ketamine effect.” He also describes Paddington himself as having both “googly eyes and dingy fur” and being “overconfident, sarcastic and brooding”, so it’s not really one of those critics that draws the dark line. between Fresh and Rotten.

And so was the Kingdom of Paddington 2 rendered as ashes. On the other hand, this is obviously great news for Toy story 2, which has just become – as the film with the most critical reviews to maintain a 100% Fresh rating –the undisputed greatest movie of all time. At least until someone finds a review where someone said it wasn’t, then we’ll throw it in the shit as well. It’s just The data. You cannot chat with the data.


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