Pablo Sandoval and Ehire Adrianza take victory over Phillies – fr

Pablo Sandoval and Ehire Adrianza take victory over Phillies – fr

Pablo Sandoval hit a homerun with two strikeouts in the ninth to send the game to extra innings and the Braves ultimately won the game 8-7 after a series of extra home and away events.

Ian Anderson had his scoreless innings streak on his last outing and he struggled a bit to start this one. Jean Segura jumped on a suspended curve ball and drove it to the left with an out in the first to give the Phillies another quick lead. Anderson then walked Bryce Harper and gave JT Realmuto a brace to put the runners in second and third place. Alec Bohm brought Harper home with a pitch to carry him 2-0 before Anderson punched Didi Gregorius to escape without further damage.

Philadelphia nailed another run in the second as Brad Miller started the set with a single, then came back to score on an Andrew McCutchen hit that made it 3-0.

Vince Velasquez threw a pair of steps in the second and kept the Braves scoreless the first time in order. Ozzie Albies trebled in the fourth on a ball that fell from McCutchen’s wrist as he attempted to play down the left line. Austin Riley followed with a walk but Dansby Swanson appeared on the first pitch he saw and William Contreras nailed the ground to complete the inning.

Anderson found himself in another tough spot in fifth place as he allowed back-to-back singles for McCutchen and Segura, which put the runners in first and third place with no one going out. Anderson threw a perfectly placed change at Harper who patted toward the mound. Anderson looked back at McCutchen before starting the 1-6-3 double play. He then hit Realmuto to escape the jam.

The Braves finally broke through against Velasquez in the sixth when Freddie Freeman came out of his crisis with a solo center shot to reduce the deficit to 3-1. Freeman was 0 for 22 at batting, but had hit the ball hard in his two previous appearances at home.

After a failure by Marcell Ozuna, Velasquez stepped out as Joe Girardi summoned Sam Coonrod from the pen to face Albies. Velasquez pitched well, allowing just two hits and a run in 5-1 / 3 innings. He pulled out six and walked three.

Coonrod stoked Albies for the second out, but then gave Riley a single. Swanson then hit a ball to the left, but McCutchen was able to score it just before the track to complete the frame.

Grant Dayton replaced Anderson in the seventh. Anderson had a lot of traffic at the bases but was helped by seven strikeouts. He allowed six hits, three steps and three runs in six innings, which was big after Snitker was forced to go deep into his pen on Friday. He’s held the Phillies scoreless in his last four innings of work.

Dayton gave Odubel Herrera a field single, followed by a two-out single that initially deflected Freeman’s glove to put the runners into the corners. However, Dayton forced Harper to chase a brittle ball into the dirt to block the runners.

Coonrod struck out Contreras and Cristian Pache to start the seventh, but then gave Ehire Adrianza a single blow. He then started Acuña with a quick, fast pitch. The 1-0 pitch was a 98 mph warmer that hit Acuña on the hand. He would leave the game and be replaced by pinch runner Josh Tomlin. Joe Girardi would bring Jose Alvarado up against Freeman who failed first to complete the round.

After Luke Jackson dropped out of the squad in order in the eighth (!), Ozuna worked a first step against Alvarado, then moved up to second on wild ground. However, Albies failed, and then Alvarado took out Riley and Swanson to leave Ozuna stranded.

Hector Neris came in the ninth to try to close the game. He took out Contreras and got Pache to line up Herrera in the middle for the first two strikeouts. Adrianza, who remained in the game as a replacement for Acuña, did a full count and then walked to give the Braves a chance. That would bring Pablo Sandoval to the plate as a pinch hitter. Sandoval fell 1-2 behind in the tally, but then crisscrossed a 93 mph fastball and drove it down center right to tie the game.

Neris then walked Freeman but asked Ozuna to fly to Harper to send the match to extra innings.

The 10th inning begins with Scott Kingery in second and Will Smith on the mound for the Braves. Smith walked McCutchen to start the inning, but then knocked out pinch hitter Rhys Hoskins for the first out. Smith asked Harper to come out to Swanson short term for the second out and Realmuto to Freeman for the third out.

Ozuna started the bottom half of the inning in second place with Brandon Kintzler now on the mound for the Phillies. Ozuna moved up to third place on a pitch eliminated by Albies. Philadelphia then intentionally marched Riley and Swanson to charge Contreras’ bases. The Phillies chose to bring in Harper to form a six-man infield. Kintzler fell behind in the 2-1 count but allowed Contreras to bounce off Bohm in third place who threw home to gain strength. Next would be Pache who quickly fell behind in the count and knocked out to waste a big opportunity.

AJ Minter took over on the mound for the Braves in the 11th with Realmuto the runner at second base. Minter hit Bohm and Gregorius for the first two strikeouts before Nick Maton attacked a quick ball and doubled the wall in the center. Realmuto scored on the play to put the Phillies back in front 4-3. Herrera then reached the receiver’s interference by Contreras, but Kingery flew to Ozuna to complete the set.

The Braves would therefore need more heroism in the 11th against Connor Brogdon. Pache started the round as the Braves runner on second base. The first was Adrianza who hit a high chopper at Gregorius at short notice. Gregorius’ throw was wide off the first and Pache came all around to tie the game.

Max Fried came in to pinch the blow and landed a perfect cavity to push Adrianza forward to second place. The Phillies then chose to walk Freeman to set up the double play. Ozuna fell behind 0-2 and moved up to number one for the second out. Next would be Albies, who worked the tally to 3-1 but safely failed Maton in second place to send the game to 12th.

Jacob Webb replaced Minter in the 12th with Kingery at second base to start the inning. McCutchen started the round with a bullet to Riley’s chest to reach it safely. Andrew Knapp came in to pinch and dropped a cavity, Contreras pounced on but was unable to pick it up, giving the Phillies the bases loaded with no one.

That would bring Harper back to the plate that was coming back to the mound again, but Webb’s throw was wide on the plate and passed Contreras. Kingery and McCutchen scored to give the Phillies a 6-4 lead, with McCutchen only able to move because Webb bemoaned his poor pitch rather than covering the plate. Realmuto followed with a single right to score Knapp for a 7-4 lead.

The Braves refused to leave in the lower half. Albies started the round on second. Enyel De Los Santos accompanied Riley to start the round, then allowed a solid single from Swanson to load the bases. Contreras followed with a brace on the left that cleared the goals and tied the game at 7-7.

Santos came out without striking out a batter as Girardi called on former starter Matt Moore. Pache dropped a sacrificial decay that Kingery lined up but hesitated before moving up to third place. Contreras beat the game with a good slide to put the winning point on third base. Adrianza followed with the match winner on the right to score Contreras and give Atlanta the more unlikely wins.

The Braves will claim a series victory on Sunday with Huascar Ynoa taking on Aaron Nola at Sunday Night Baseball.


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