PA editor defends decision to fire journalist for pro-Palestinian tweets –

PA editor defends decision to fire journalist for pro-Palestinian tweets – fr

A senior Associate Press editor on Sunday defended the newswire’s decision to fire journalist Emily Wilder for pro-Palestinian tweets.
During an appearance on CNN’s trusted sources, the AP editor Brian Carovillano told host Brian Stelter that Wilder was fired because she showed a “clear bias” with her tweets “on one side and against another in one of the most controversial and difficult stories we cover.”

The shots came during the latest conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“It’s really important that we maintain our credibility on these stories,” Carovillano said. “The safety of journalists is at stake and the credibility of the PA is at stake. Our credibility is constantly under attack. Our social media guidelines exist to protect that credibility, because protecting our credibility is about protecting journalists. “

Stelter asked Carovillano if Republicans at Stanford College calling Wilder’s old pro-Palestinian tweets had nothing to do with his dismissal. Carovillano denied a connection.

“You know, it’s the Associated Press, so anyone who thinks the PA would be intimidated by college Republicans doesn’t know much about the PA,” Carovillano said.

Carovillano added that the PA will always protect and fight for its journalists, no matter what situation they find themselves in.

The AP sparked a storm earlier this month when it fired Phoenix-based press associate Emily Wilder for her previous tweets two weeks after joining the company.

Wilder shared a statement on Saturday saying she is “A victim of the asymmetric application of rules on objectivity and social media that has censored so many journalists – especially Palestinian journalists and other journalists of color – before me.” “

More than 100 wire service employees signed a letter in support of Wilder who criticized their company for the lack of communication about his dismissal.

Carovillano told Stelter that firing Wilder was a difficult decision and not a personal one.


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