Outdoor event space in downtown Edmonton almost ready to open – fr

Outdoor event space in downtown Edmonton almost ready to open – fr

A new permanent outdoor event space opens this spring in downtown Edmonton.
The Backyard is offering repurposed shipping containers and will be offering food and drink from local vendors.

InStreet developers are opening up the outdoor space just east of Rogers Place, located next to the Thumbnail Showcase and the Thirdspace Design Group building. Edmonton-based companies are also involved in some of the design elements of the project.

Amos Kajner-Nonnekes, partner of Vignettes Showcase and Thirdspace Design Group, said in an interview with CBC Edmonton Radio active Friday that he is delighted to be part of the project.

“It’s such a fun concept. It’s something Edmonton really hasn’t seen, ”he said.

Three reused shipping containers will serve as a bar, pop-up retail kiosk and restrooms. They will also serve as public art installations, designed by Vignettes Showcase and Thirdspace Design Group. The space will also include a custom-made bicycle rack. The space will eventually be able to accommodate hundreds of customers on outdoor tables.

The outdoor event venue will feature local food and drink vendors. (Jill Stetsko)

“It’s not just your average pop-up type of space that’s going to be up and running for a month or two,” Kajner-Nonnekes said.

“It’s a really well thought out space that will be a hub of downtown Edmonton. “

The Backyard owner Peter Stetsko said the inspiration for the business came from similar concepts he and his wife saw on a trip to Europe. They chose the name because of the tenderness people feel towards the outdoor space.

“Who doesn’t love a beautiful backyard? ” he said.

“Everyone loves being in their backyard, for a lot of people their backyard is kind of their outdoor sanctuary… why not bring that kind of concept and idea and that space, and create a community backyard. ?

The backyard will open later this spring when public health guidelines permit. (Jill Stetsko)

The idea originated before the pandemic, but Stetsko says now is the perfect time for it, especially downtown.

“With what has happened over the past 14 months and how it has affected all the communities, but certainly the city center, I think I bring some much needed energy and dynamism, and some attention to our little corner that we have, our location, I think the timing is perfect, ”he said.

The Backyard aims to host events year round, including fitness and wellness classes, recreational games, and concerts.

In the cooler months, Stetsko hopes to host hockey-watching nights, markets, and even curling tournaments.

The Backyard was scheduled to open the long weekend in May, but with the latest public health restrictions, they had to push back their opening date. They hope to open as soon as possible.

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Edmontonians looking for safe outdoor experiences will soon have a new location downtown. 8:10


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