Ottawa Splashes open despite stay-at-home order – fr

Ottawa Splashes open despite stay-at-home order – fr

The City of Ottawa is helping families in lockdown beat the summer heat by opening splash zones despite continued restrictions on some other park amenities.
Dr Vera Etches, the city’s medical officer of health, told a press conference on Wednesday that from a public health point of view, water skates are similar to playgrounds and therefore are exempt from the restrictions imposed by the order of stay at home throughout the province.

Etches did not provide a specific timeline, but on Wednesday some residents reported that water had already been turned on in some of the city’s gaming areas, while others are expected to open by the end of the week.

Etches said families are always urged to take practical precautions.

“We don’t expect children to wear a mask over projection areas, but we stress and strongly recommend that children try to get away from other homes when using tampons,” Etches said.

“We know the splash pads are a great support for families on a hot day, so I’m happy to see them open up.


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