Other teams see Falcons’ expectations for Julio Jones trade as’ strange ‘ –

Other teams see Falcons’ expectations for Julio Jones trade as’ strange ‘ – fr

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Four days away from a potentially official Julio Jones trade, the Falcons still don’t have an unofficial deal in place for Jones.

Problem is, the Falcons still want too much for him.

Savvy teams see the expectations as “extravagant”. The asking price continues to be a first-round pick and a full takeover by the new team of their guaranteed salary of $ 15.3 million in 2021, as well as an additional $ 2 million in guaranteed salary for 2022.

Someone disclosed to ESPN’s Dianna Russini that the Falcons have a first-round pick on the table for Jones. As a league source said in response to this news, if anyone offered the Falcons a first-round pick for Jones, the Falcons would take him (or at least should) take him.

There is another intriguing dynamic that team leaders have noticed. As a league source expressed to PFT, if the Falcons really had a first-round pick on the table, the report would have already been confirmed by one of the various reporters at NFL Media or the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or any of the other major media covering the sport and / or the team.

There is also a certain degree of inconsistency within ESPN. On Saturday, Jeremy Fowler said on Sports center that the team he hears more than any other as a potential destination for Jones is the 49ers. But the 49ers have no first-round pick to trade in 2022. Fowler also said the Ravens are interested if the price is right. Well, if there is a first round pick on the table, the price will never be less than that. Then there’s the fact, as the teams have noticed, that current ESPN NFL Insider Mountain King Adam Schefter hasn’t said anything about whether or not the Falcons have a first-round pick on the. table for Jones.

As previously reported, the Falcons could have secured a 2022 second-round pick with no salary obligation ahead of the 2021 draft. There is currently no report on the two selection payouts. and the equally important question of whether and to what extent the Falcons will pay a portion of his salary for the coming season.

Maybe the teams are withholding their best offers until Wednesday. Maybe their best deals have already been made. However, the Falcons first ramped up their efforts to trade Jones almost five weeks ago, and they don’t seem any closer to making a tentative deal now than they were then.


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