“Open Boulevards” Program to Expand Outdoor Activities in New York – fr

“Open Boulevards” Program to Expand Outdoor Activities in New York – fr

NEW YORK (WABC) – New York’s Open Streets program is gaining momentum – to provide more space for outdoor dining and community activities. Several streets in the five boroughs have now become “open boulevards” without car on weekends.
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Open Streets program has turned miles of streets full of restaurants into open spaces. The mayor says “Open Boulevards” will include cultural activities, community programs, landscaping and art installations.

What to know about the coronavirus:

NYPD Adds More Agents to Transit Patrol as Metro Resumes 24/7 Service
As New York City resumes 24/7 subway service – and amid a recent spike in subway crime – the city adds 250 more NYPD officers to patrol its transit system , Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Monday. The 250 additional agents, along with 2,500 already deployed and 500 added earlier, make this the largest NYPD transit deployment in more than 20 years, the mayor said.

Cuomo called by 6 county leaders to adopt CDC guidelines on masks in New York
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has yet to respond to six county leaders calling on the state to adopt the CDC’s latest mask guidelines. The bipartisan group of county leaders is calling on the governor to act on what he has always said about monitoring science.

Target no longer requiring masks for fully immunized clients and workers
Target joins a list of companies that say fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks in their stores, per the CDC’s recommendation. Target, like Walmart, Trader Joe’s and Costco before it, says the policy only changes if local regulations allow.

Full-time metro service resumes, restaurant boundaries begin to ease
Slowly but surely, the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are easing in restaurants and on public transportation in New York City. As of today, the city is lifting its midnight curfew for outdoor dining, and for the first time since May 6, 2020, New York’s subways have remained open overnight.

What the new CDC mask guide means for dining out
News that the Centers for Disease Control has changed its COVID-19 mask guidelines for fully vaccinated people has raised new questions about what this means for bar and restaurant patrons. The agency said Thursday that “fully immunized people no longer need to wear a mask or physical distancing in any setting, except when required by federal, state, local, tribal or territorial laws, rules and regulations, including including guidelines on local businesses and workplaces. . “

What states still require masks after the CDC guidelines update?

Several states and a slew of local leaders are reluctant to change their mask mandates following new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that allow fully vaccinated Americans to dispense with masks indoors or out. A growing number of states – including Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington state – have said they will change their rules to follow the new guidelines. agency, a few hours after their announcement.
Mask guidance in the tri-state area
New York COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking
New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking

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Mask guidance in the tri-state area
New York COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking
New Jersey COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking
How to get the vaccine in New York City, tri-state area
Coronavirus Disease Control and Prevention Centers

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