Ontario pharmacies rush to avoid ‘tragic’ waste of AstraZeneca vaccine –

Ontario pharmacies rush to avoid ‘tragic’ waste of AstraZeneca vaccine – fr

TORONTO – The extended quality assurance process for AstraZeneca vaccines has created a secondary risk: wasted doses.

“The longer it took to get them into pharmacies …” Our goal remains to avoid this scenario. “

On Monday, 45,000 doses of AstraZeneca will expire. Today, Bates said the latest batch of vials subject to quality assurance are expected to arrive in pharmacies across Ontario. In other words, there are three days left to administer the remaining doses.

On May 11, Ontario suspended the deployment of the first doses of AstraZeneca out of “excess of caution” due to an increased risk of rare blood clots. For ten days, the vaccine vials sat in the refrigerators of Ontario pharmacies, leading to a mandatory quality assurance check before the vaccines went up in arms.

Infectious disease expert Dr Zain Chagla said: “It would probably have been good to say, okay, in case we could give second doses, what are we going to do to make sure that the people get second doses? “

But instead of taking advantage of the ten days between the hiatus and resuming deployment, to move forward with quality assurance checks, the vials have been idle.

Dr Chagla called the potential waste of vaccine doses “tragic”.

“The rest of the world is in trouble. And we are too concerned about some administrative issues and obstacles that waste doses, ”he said.

While making sure vaccines maintain high quality is imperative, Bates said it is standard for pharmacies to store and transfer vaccines safely, while maintaining quality.

“Taking an overly cautious approach… could waste the doses,” he said.

With time remaining, Dr Chagla said the focus should be on opening the eligibility gates. At this time, appointments for the second dose are only open to those who received the AstraZeneca injection between March 10 and March 19. But he believes anyone who received a first dose in March should be able to get the shot this weekend.

“This is probably the only step that can be taken to come to terms … and make sure we don’t waste doses. ”


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